BoardVitals CME Review

CMEList December 12, 2020

What is BoardVitals?:

BoardVitals provides online board-style review questions within a specific specialty that users can answer on their computer or mobile device to earn AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits™.

How do you earn CME Credits with BoardVitals CME Activities

To earn CME credits, users must answer board-style review questions and achieve at least an average of 70% in order for credits to be redeemed. If you score below a 70% average, you will be able to review the detailed explanations and evidence-based rationales and then correct your answers.

What specialties do BoardVitals cover?

BoardVitals offers CME courses, which they call their CME Professional Plan, in over 30 specialties that can be completed to earn CME credits. The specialties are:

Benefits of BoardVitals CME Activities


BoardVitals CME question banks can be accessed on your computer, phone, or tablet. This allows physicians to easily earn their CME credits on the go and at their preferred time and place. BoardVitals is a great option for those looking to earn credits both the comfort of their own home, on their commute, or when looking for an activity to pass the time.

BoardVitals also recently released their mobile app, making it even more convenient to access your activities and earn CME credits on your mobile device and on the go.


BoardVitals online CME activities are very interactive compared to activities from other providers. Many physicians often find lectures and audio recordings lack dull and as a result, the information does not stick. BoardVitals interactive multiple-choice questions do a great job in keeping users engaged and ensuring they retain the knowledge they are consuming.

Take a look at the image below for more a better look at BoardVitals interactive question banks.

User-Friendly Interface

The BoardVitals user interface is very friendly and easy to navigate. The interface makes it easy to navigate from your different question banks, the performance tracker, the CME/CE tracker, and any other views you may want to go into.

Number of Specialties

As previously mentioned, BoardVitals offers CME courses covering 28 different specialties. This number is higher than the specialties offered by most CME providers and programs. The number of specialties ensure that users have a better chance of finding something that is most relevant to their interests and needs.

Customized Exams

BoardVitals allows you to customize your exams to ensure you are only answering and reviewing questions that are most pertinent to your interests. For example, in the image below your Addiction Medicine exam will only feature questions about Behavioral Interventions, Epidemiology, and Prevention. You can also customize your exam type, the question order, and how many questions you would like on your exam.

Informative and High-Quality Content

BoardVitals CME content is developed from contributions from leading publishers, research institutions, and over 500 specialists, creating the “largest training ecosystem in medicine”. This collaboration of resources and knowledge helps create informative and helpful questions that will help physicians improve their skills and practice while also earning CME credits.

Continuously Updated Content

BoardVitals continuously updates their online CME activities based on user feedback. This ensures that the content is up to date and as accurate as possible.

Detailed Explanations

Each BoardVitals question comes with a detailed explanation and evidence-based rationales that provide further insight into the question and the correct answer. These detailed explanations allow you to easily correct your answer if you happen to answer incorrectly. In addition, you can adjust your incorrect answer right away instead of having to go back at a later time to correct it. This makes it easier to maintain your pace and not have to worry about correcting answers at a later time period.

Drawbacks of BoardVitals CME Activities

No Audio Format

BoardVitals does not provide any CME activities that are in audio format. Some physicians may prefer having audio content for long commutes or multi-tasking.

BoardVitals CME Activities Pricing:

CME Pro Pricing

  • Price: $599-$899 for 6-month access, $999 for 12-month access
  • Earn up to 100 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM and MOC credits (varies by specialty)
  • 24/7 Computer, mobile, and tablet access
  • Mobile App
  • Continuously Updated Content
  • Online board-style questions with detailed explanations and evidence-based rationale.
  • Customizable exams
  • Performance and CME tracker


BoardVitals CME Online Self Assessment Courses is one of the best CME options in the industry. The online board-style questions make earning your CME credits easy, fast, and convenient. In addition, the constantly updated content and detailed explanations make it a great resource for physicians invested in developing their skills and broaden their knowledge.

With 27 specialties to choose from, BoardVitals can help many different physicians meet their requirements and expand their knowledge.

Rating: 5/5 Stars