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Pathology Board Review Sample Question 1

Which of the following best describes the schematics depicted below?

  • AMatrix assisted laser desorption absorption time of flight mass spectrometer
  • BHigh performance liquid chromatography
  • CMass spectrometer
  • DNormal phase chromatography
  • EX-ray absorption near edge structure
Pathology Board Review Sample Question 2

A 65-year-female presents to the emergency room with vaginal bleeding. She has a history of uterine cancer and is suffering from therapy-related AML. The patient is admitted and is found to be thrombocytopenic. Multiple platelet transfusions are administered, but the patient’s vaginal bleeding continues. The bleeding finally resolves when the patient is started on Amicar (aminocaproic acid). A transfusion medicine consult is ordered to determine if the patient is suffering from platelet refractoriness. The clinical team is instructed to obtain a platelet count one hour after she is transfused in order for you to calculate a Corrected Count Increment (CCI). If 4 x 1011 platelets are transfused while patient’s body surface area is 1.8 m2 and the increase in post-transfusion platelet count is 25,000/μL, then:

  • AThe CCI is 7,000/ μL.
  • BThe CCI is 9,000/μL.
  • CThe CCI is 11,250/μL.
  • DThe CCI is 20,000/μL.


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