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Dermatology Board Review Sample Question 1

A 43-year-old Mexican American immigrant presents with anesthetic lesions as shown in the image below. A diagnosis of Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy) is suspected. Which of the following Ridley-Jopling classification category is NOT matched with its correct characteristics?

  • ATuberculoid (TT) – Erythema Nodosum Leprosum
  • BBorderline Tuberculoid (BT) - Lesions are anhidrotic and lack sensation
  • CBorderline (BB) – Most common form of Leprosy
  • DBorderline Lepromatous (BL) – TH2 cytokine response is more characteristic
  • ELepromatous (LL) – Generalized symmetrical appearance of lesions
Dermatology Board Review Sample Question 2

This infant was referred by her pediatrician for the skin lesions below. Which of the following is incorrect?

  • ASkin barrier defects causes higher transepidermal water loss
  • BInfants with severe, refractory disease may have an overlying food allergy component
  • CAcute and chronic phases are Th2 predominant
  • DNearly 80% of patients with infantile AD with develop allergic rhinitis or asthma later in life
  • ENone of the above. All are true statements


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