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Pathology MOC Sample Question 1

A hospital blood bank technologist validates an FDA-licensed anti-E antisera for RBC typing at immediate spin phase. However, the product insert calls for a 15-minute room temperature incubation. What additional steps should be taken to allow this antisera to be used at immediate spin phase?

  • AIf the validation is completed properly, no additional steps are necessary
  • BValidation of the method should be repeated by an outside lab
  • CThe medical director of the blood bank must approve the validation
  • DThe FDA must grant a variance to allow the use of this antisera at immediate spin phase
Pathology MOC Sample Question 2

A patient with positive anti Jo-1 antibodies in the serum most likely has which of the following?

  • ASystemic sclerosis
  • BInflammatory myositis
  • CSLE
  • DInflammatory bowel disease
  • EPrimary biliary cirrhosis


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