Urology CME


    BoardVitals Urology CME Board Review

    The BoardVitals Urology CME Review offers clinicians 40 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM and over 700 Urology board review questions. The questions cover key topics including bladder cancer, bladder dysfunction, and infertility. This question bank will assist clinicians with Urology certification and recertification.

    The BoardVitals Urology CME Review also features:

    • Quick and Convenient CME
    • Computer, phone, and tablet access
    • Constantly updated up-to-date questions
    • Questions that are targeted specifically to the exam
    • Online CME tracker
    • 100% Pass Guarantee
    • Statistical comparison to other Urology test-takers (Nationally)


    After completing this activity, you should be able to:

    • Diagnose common and rare disorders which may be encountered in Urology.
    • Order and interpret results of common laboratory tests in Urology.
    • Describe the range of available treatments and essential concepts in the field of Urology


    Target Audience: Urologists

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    • Cost: $599
    • Credit hours: 40
    • CME credits awarded by: BoardVitals
    • Format: On-Demand Online
    • Material last updated: Continuously Updated
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    ScientiaCME Challenges and updates in the management of von Hippel-Lindau disease and related tumors

    Activity Description / Statement of Need:
    In this online, self-learning activity:

    Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease is a rare genetic condition caused by an autosomal dominant mutation of the VHL tumor suppressor gene. The mutation gives rise to an abnormal VHL protein that cannot bind effectively to protein HIF-1α, leading to the transcription of multiple genes and upregulation of growth factors. The condition is thought to affect between 1 in 39,000 and 1 in 91,000, with a birth incidence of between 1 in 36,000 and 1 in 45,500. Diagnosis of VHL disease is established when the patient undergoes genetic testing and a pathogenic mutation of the VHL gene is found. Genetic testing is typically conducted if the patient has a family history of VHL or they are showing signs of VHL-related symptoms. VHL disease is characterized by tumors and cysts growing in various parts of the body, including the brain, spine, eyes, inner ears, pancreas, kidneys, adrenal glands, and reproductive tract. The clinical presentation of the disease is different in every patient and is impossible to predict, so close monitoring is required. Complications of the disease are on a case-by-case basis, but patients with VHL are at an increased risk of developing some cancers, particularly clear cell renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and pancreatic cancer.

    Target Audience:
    HCPs including: Medical and genitourinary oncologists, urologists, and nephrologists; physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists specializing in the aforementioned areas of specialty; and any other HCPs involved or interested in treatment of VHL disease.

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    • Cost: Free
    • Credit hours: .75
    • CME credits awarded by: ScientiaCME
    • Format: On-Demand Online
    • Material last updated: September 08, 2023
    • Expiration of CME credit: September 08, 2024
  • Oakstone CME Practical Reviews

    Practical Reviews offers journal summaries from leading medical journals. This activity makes earning CME credits quick and easy and helps physicians stay up to date on the latest advances and news in their specialty.

    Practical Reviews is offered in over 20 specialties and can be accessed via online video, online audio, audio cd, or the convenient Practical Reviews mobile app.

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    • Cost: Varies depending on course
    • Credit hours: 56-70
    • CME credits awarded by: Oakstone Publishing
    • Format: On-Demand Online, Online Video, Online Audio, Audio CD, Mobile App
    • Material last updated: Continuously Updated
  • StatPearls Unlimited Physician MD/DO/PA CME

    Stay on top of your game with the StatPearls Physician Unlimited CME programs. With 6,046 activities, StatPearls is the largest CME provider in the world. These Pub-Med Indexed articles are categorized into 162 specialty areas which lets you better access activities that will make the biggest impact on your practice. One subscription allows access to all the activities, including all state-requirements.

    Pricing Options

    • 6 Month subscription: All 6,339 CME Activities $249 per 6 months
    • Annual subscription: All 6,339 CME Activities $349 per 1 year
    • Lifetime: All 6,339 CME Activities + Access to Board Reviews Forever $1999
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    • Cost: Varies
    • CME credits awarded by: ETSU
    • Format: On Demand Online & Board Reviews
  • New Vistas in Prostate Cancer Imaging

    Penn Radiology Emergency Imaging After Hours provides insight for imaging conditions where rapid response is required. An elite faculty guides learners with practical lessons in modality choice, image acquisition and interpretation skills for a wide range of clinical presentations. Selected topics in chest, neuroradiology, abdominal, pelvic, pediatric and musculoskeletal imaging are presented to ensure confident analysis, so the practitioner is never outside of their comfort zone. Worth up to 15.75 AMA PRA Category I Credits™, all applicable as SA-CME for Maintenance of Certification requirements.

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    • Cost: $595
    • Credit hours: 15
    • CME credits awarded by: Global Education Group
    • Format: On-Demand Online
    • Material last updated: 5/1/2022
    • Expiration of CME credit: 4/30/2025
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    ScientiaCME Immunology (Kidney Transplant Rejection)

    Target Audience:
    Physicians specializing in Immunology, Nephrology, Urology

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    • Cost: Free
    • Credit hours: 1
    • CME credits awarded by: ScientiaCME
    • Format: On-Demand Online
    • Expiration of CME credit: Two years after release
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    Medscape Urology CME

    CME activities of special interest to urologists. Medscape contains a variety of educational formats:

    CONFERENCE COVERAGE – Reports of advances presented at major medical conferences; typically includes several tracks with news stories, expert interviews, and in-depth topic overviews.

    CLINICAL UPDATE – Comprehensive original review article on scientific advances in a clinical topic.

    FAST TRACK CLINICAL UPDATE – Narrowly focused original review article on scientific
    advances in a clinical topic.

    CME-LIVE – Real-time online events with streaming video, synchronized visuals, and interactive questions and answers; archived for 1 year.

    CLINICAL BRIEFS – Daily reports of major current medical research articles; 0.25 credits each

    JOURNAL CME – Articles selected from a wide selection of peer-reviewed journals.

    SPECIAL REPORT CME- Topic-based monthly email newsletter distributed to Medscape’s professional member database by specialty.

    INTERACTIVE PATIENT CASES – Original CME activity presented to the physician in an interactive, clinical case-based format. (See especially eMedicine CME Case Presentations.)

    CME CIRCLE – Multimedia content certified by other accredited professional education providers, typically from live symposia or monographs, and then posted on Medscape and archived for one year.

    Target Audience: Urologists

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    • Cost: Free
    • Credit hours: Varies depending on course
    • CME credits awarded by: Medscape and many other sponsoring organizations
    • Format: On-Demand Online, Online Video, Online Audio
    • Material last updated: Continuously Updated
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    Oakstone CME Comprehensive Review of Urology

    Continuing Medical Education: Advances in Urology

    Comprehensive Review of Urology provides current, relevant information on adult and pediatric disorders of the male and female urinary tract, the male reproductive system, and the kidney. Led by renowned urologist Aria F. Olumi, MD, lecturers use guideline-driven information that will improve your approach to screening, staging, diagnosis, and treatment. You’ll get expert take-home points from each lecture, including:

    • MRI of Prostate Cancer. MRI is effective in detecting focal areas of highgrade prostate cancer, providing accurate locoregional staging, and guiding targeted biopsies.
    • Kidney Cancer – Laparoscopic Management. Laparoscopic and robotic nephrectomy is now the standard care for most renal cell carcinoma patients. It offers significant advantages in morbidity while maintaining oncologic outcomes of open surgery.
    • The Etiology and Treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Vaginal wall descent is a normal part of aging; however, once the bulge protrudes past the hymen, most women are symptomatic.
    • Surgical Management of Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer. Surgical management of high-risk bladder cancer is a central component of definitive treatment. Wide resection of the bladder/perivesical tissues and control of the regional pelvic lymph nodes are key surgical tenets.

    Learning Objectives

    At the conclusion of this CME activity, you will be better able to:

    • Discuss appropriate imaging for disorders of the prostate
    • Explain the therapeutic approaches to recurrent urinary tract infections
    • Describe office care and surgical approaches for transgender patients
    • Define the diagnostic approach to a patient suspected of having penile cancer
    • Explain the initial surgical approach to a patient with bladder trauma
    • Distinguish between medical and surgical management of urinary lithiasis
    • Compare the advantages of open surgical management and laparoscopic management for kidney cancer
    • Differentiate which patients are appropriate for surgical management of urinary continence and which are appropriate for medical management
    • Identify the best patient population for active surveillance of prostate cancer
    • Explain the causes of urinary tract infections in children
    • Summarize the neurogenic bladder issues in the adult spina bifida patient

    Intended Audience

    The activity was designed to provide urologists, urology fellows and residents, surgery residents interested in urology, other licensed individual practitioners or ancillary staff interested in urology, or who participate in the delivery of urologic care with current, relevant, and condensed information needed to pass certification and recertification exams.

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    • Cost: $1095
    • Credit hours: 62
    • CME credits awarded by: Oakstone Publishing, LLC
    • Format: On-Demand Online, Online Video, Online Audio, Audio CD
    • Material last updated: March 15, 2021
    • Expiration of CME credit: March 15, 2024
  • AchieveCE Management of Reproductive Infections

    This course provides 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit for license renewal. Vaginal infections can cause pain and discomfort. Without treatment, they may lead to complications that can adversely affect a person’s health. From bacterial vaginosis to sexually transmitted infections, learn more about a few of the most common types of vaginal infections and symptoms here. This activity provides recommendations for the management of most sexually transmitted infections (STIs) other than HIV and viral hepatitis and FDA-approved treatments for bacterial vaginosis like Tinidazole (Tindamax) and Secnidazole (Solosec).

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    • Cost: $19
    • CME credits awarded by: The Medical Letter and AchieveCE
    • Format: On-Demand Online
  • AchieveCE Antibiotic Treatment for Complicated UTI

    This course discusses the different FDA-approved antibiotics for the treatment of complicated urinary tract infections (UTIs). It talks about the pharmacology, clinical studies, adverse effects, dosage, and administration of Meropenem/Vaborbactam (Vabomere), Plazomicin (Zemdri), and Cefiderocol (Fetroja) for proper use.

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    • Cost: $19
    • Credit hours: 1
    • CME credits awarded by: The Medical Letter and AchieveCE
    • Format: On-Demand Online