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Sports Medicine Board Review Sample Question 1

A 31-year-old female gymnastics instructor presents to your clinic with a complaint of right-hand weakness and numbness. She also works as a receptionist part-time and states that her symptoms are worst at the end of her workday. On physical examination, there is a loss of sensation along the palmar aspect of her thumb and first two digits. You note atrophy of her thenar eminence as well. The nerve implicated in her symptoms innervates which of the following muscles?

  • AFlexor digitorum superficialis
  • BAdductor pollicis
  • CExtensor digitorum
  • DAbductor pollicis longus
  • EFlexor carpi ulnaris
Sports Medicine Board Review Sample Question 2

What type of symptoms would you expect in a patient that presents with the following imaging finding?

  • AAlteration in pain and temperature sensation in a cape-like distribution
  • BQuadriparesis
  • CLoss of joint position and vibration sense in the upper extremities
  • DVocal cord paralysis
  • ESensory ataxia


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