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Otolaryngology Board Review Sample Question 1

A 70-year-old male presents with a 3-month history of right pulsatile tinnitus with hearing loss, unstable gait, and autophany. ECOG demonstrates an SP/AP ratio of 0.6. A diagnosis of superior semicircular cancal dehiscence is suspected. Which of the following is a good indicator test that would give support to this diagnosis?

  • AOtoacoustic emissions
  • BTympanometry
  • CCervical vestibular evoked myogenic potential
  • DAuditory brainstem response
  • EAcoustic reflexes
Otolaryngology Board Review Sample Question 2

A 15-year-old male presents to Emergency Department after sustaining bee sting 15 minutes previous. He is complaining of difficulty breathing, anxiety, and itching. His blood pressure is 82/50, heart rate is 136, and his skin has multiple areas of urticaria. What is the first line medication for this condition?

  • ADiphenhydramine
  • BRanitidine
  • CDexamethasone
  • DEpinephrine
  • EAlbuterol


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