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Internal Medicine Board Review Sample Question 1

A 24-year-old patient presents by referral from the emergency department (ED) for evaluation of shortness of breath. On review of the ED records, the patient has presented frequently over the past 4 months with shortness of breath, mild respiratory distress, mild wheezing, and intermittent stridor. Oxygen saturations were normal at each presentation. Empiric treatment with albuterol and intramuscular epinephrine did not alleviate the symptoms. The symptoms subsided spontaneously each time. The past medical history is unremarkable, and the patient is taking no medications. Currently, the physical examination and vital signs are normal. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

  • AReactive airways disease
  • BParadoxical vocal cord motion
  • CAngioedema
  • DLaryngospasm
  • EChronic rhinosinusitis
Internal Medicine Board Review Sample Question 2

Which of the following is true of DDAVP (desmopressin)?

  • AIt is an analog of vasopressin and can cause hypernatremia.
  • BIt should not be given chronically to prevent bleeding in patients with moderate von Willebrand disease (vWD).
  • CIt does not have efficacy in several mild platelet disorders, such as storage pool defect.
  • DIt can be used in all causes of vWD.


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