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Addiction Medicine Board Review Question 1

A 50 year old man with a history of hypertension and tobacco use comes to clinic for follow up as he tries to stop smoking. He’d been started on varenicline 8 weeks ago, and has been calling 1 800 QUIT NOW for behavioral counseling. The patient is still suffering from nicotine cravings and continues to smoke. What is the best next step in management?

  • AThe patient should continue with the same treatment
  • BVarenicline should be discontinued, and bupropion started
  • CVarenicline should be discontinued, and nicotine replacement therapy started.
  • DVarenicline should be continued, the patient should continue to call 1 800 QUIT NOW, and nicotine replacement therapy should be added to his regimen.
Addiction Medicine Board Review Question 2

Which class of medications has demonstrated the greatest efficacy in the treatment of sexual addiction?

  • AOpioid antagonists
  • BStimulants
  • CTricyclic antidepressants
  • DSSRI’s
  • EDopamine agonists


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