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OBGYN Board Review Sample Question 1

Schiller-Duval bodies (as seen in the image below) are classic pathologic findings in which of the following tumors?

  • AChoriocarcinomas
  • BYolk Sac Tumors
  • CImmature teratomas
  • DMature teratomas
  • EDysgerminomas
OBGYN Board Review Sample Question 2

What is the most likely diagnosis on this second-trimester prenatal ultrasound?

  • AExencephaly
  • BHydranencephaly
  • CAnencephaly
  • DAmniotic band syndrome
OBGYN Board Review Sample Question 3

On external examination of a 59-year-old woman at her annual exam, you note a lesion (seen in the image below) in her labia minora. She has no complaints, and there is no history of trauma or recent sexual activity. If this lesion is found to be 0.9mm in depth pathologically, what is the recommendation for treatment?

  • ARadical vulvectomy and sentinel node biopsy
  • BRadical local excision only
  • CRadical vulvectomy
  • DRadical vulvectomy with inguino-femoral lymphadenectomy
  • ERadical culvectomy and pelvic lumph node sampling


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