Allergy & Immunology Board Reviews


    The Brigham Board Review in Allergy and Immunology

    This Allergy and Immunology CME course will help you learn the latest strategies for managing allergic and immunologic disorders as you prepare for your ABIM exams.

    Topics covered include:
    • T cells and Innate Lymphoid Cells
    • Mucosal Immunity and the Microbiome
    • Diagnosis and Management of Asthma
    • Mast Cell Biology
    • Food Allergy

    After completing this course, you will better be able to:
    • Integrate and demonstrate improved understanding of allergic/immunologic disorders
    • Identify and improve clinical competence-based practice gaps in allergy/immunology
    • Correlate pathophysiology and pathobiologic principles with clinical presentations
    • Stay updated on an expanding array of therapeutic options, their risks and benefits
    • Prepare for ABIM certification/recertification examinations
    • Integrate the knowledge gained into daily practice and provide utmost level of care to your patients

    Target Audience: Fellows/trainees and practicing allergists/immunologists and other professional affiliates, such as internists, with an interest in Allergy/Immunology or who seek CME in attempt to improve patient care.

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    • Cost: $695
    • Credit hours: 27.5
    • CME credits awarded by: Oakstone Publishing, LLC
    • Format: On-Demand Online, Online Video, Online Audio, Audio CD
    • Material last updated: December 31, 2018
    • Expiration of CME credit: December 31, 2021