Advertising and Selling CME

CMEList July 2, 2020

Increase Exposure and Sell More CME to Clinicians with CMEList

Maximize the exposure of your CME activities to a wide range of clinicians via! By joining the CMEList partnership program, you will be featured on one of the leading online CME resources to generate additional revenue and increase your brand’s awareness.

Why CMEList?

CMEList is a growing resource providing clinicians with an extensive option of CME activities.

Additional Revenue and Traffic

By partnering with CMEList directly through our marketplace or Cost Per Click (CPC) model (described further below), your activities will be featured on on-site product listings and banner ads and be promoted in CMEList marketing channels to drive traffic and increase revenue.

Being on CMEList also allows you to showcase your product alongside notable competitors which amplifies your brand and allows you to compete alongside key competitors on a growing channel.

Rapidly Increasing Site Traffic

CMEList has been providing access to the best online and live CME activities for over 20 years. Since 2018, CMEList has undergone significant changes and utilized various strategies that have led to significant considerable growth in every digital channel, especially organic traffic. This includes an aggressive content strategy, a site redesign, and converting to a marketplace model, where users can purchase partners’ CME products directly on the site. This increased traffic has led to more visibility for our partners who list their products and offers on the site.

For more detailed metrics, please reach out to [email protected].

Access to a Wide Variety of Clinicians

While there is an emphasis on physicians, CMEList attracts a wide range of medical professionals including Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and more. Listing your activities on CMEList will help you tap into various audiences and potential audiences you have had trouble getting in front of in the past.

Promotion in CMEList Marketing Channels

In addition to being featured in our onsite product listings and banners ads, CMEList also markets our partners’ activities in various marketing channels. This includes email marketing, social media marketing, Paid advertising in Google Ads & Bing Ads, and our growing blog and reviews section.

Partnership Options

CMEList makes it easy to partner with a variety of options


Under our marketplace model, you directly sell your products on product pages locally hosted by CMEList. CMEList will take on the sale process, returning (if necessary), and customer service to make sure each customer has instant access and will cut you a check quarterly for each sale. Your activities will be displayed on relevant category pages and have a unique and compelling product page that displays essential information regarding your product including key features, credit hours, topics, covered, learning objectives, and more. CMEList will take a predetermined rate and receive a commission on each sale.

Example Category Page

Example Product Page

This model is best for providers whose activities are not free.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Our CPC model allows you to list your products on CMEList and pay for every click CMEList sends directly to your website/activity. Your activities will be displayed on relevant category pages and marketing channels.

This model is best for free CME partners.

Reach out to [email protected] for more information on how to promote your activities on CMEList.