Ophthalmology Board Reviews

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    Comprehensive Ophthalmology Review: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Board Review

    Prepare for OKAPs, Board Examinations or MOC with the Comprehensive Ophthalmology Review from the David Geffen School of Medicine.
    Topics covered include:
    Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus, Optics, Refraction, Tumors, Surgical Retina, Neuro-ophthalmology, Cornea, Anterior Uveitis, Eyelids, Orbit, Lacrimal System, Glaucoma and many more.
    At the completion of the Comprehensive Ophthalmology Review, you should be able to:
    • Identify and describe fundamentals of clinical ophthalmology and all its subspecialties
    • Integrate the epidemiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, and management of ophthalmic disease
    • Integrate the latest guidelines for management of ocular disease into clinical practice
    • Review for knowledge assessments at all levels (OKAPs, Board Examinations, Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

    • Cost: $850$680
    • Credit hours: 24
    • CME credits awarded by: Office of Continuing Medical Education, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
    • Format: Online Video, Audio MP3 or Combo
    • Material last updated: May 1, 2016
    • Expiration of CME credit: April 30, 2019/
  • Osler Ophthalmology Board Reviews

    The Osler Ophthalmology Board Reviews offer learning in a variety of venues and formats including live courses, live written board reviews, mock oral review courses, and CDs.

    The courses are designed to help residents and recent graduates to prepare for their exams.

    Topics include all major areas of Ophthalmology.

    Target Audience: Opthalmologists

    • Cost: Varies depending on format
    • Credit hours: Varies depending on format
    • CME credits awarded by: Osler Institute
    • Format: Live Conference, On-Demand Online, Online Audio, Audio CD
    • Material last updated: Continuously Updated