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Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Board Review Sample Question 1

What is the most beneficial outcome due to staffing the ICU with 24 hours intensivist coverage?

  • ADecrease in the ICU operating cost
  • BReduced mortality of patients
  • CReduced nursing utilization
  • DDecreased burnout of the physicians
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Board Review Sample Question 2

A 64-year-old male with pre-existing hypertension underwent unilateral surgery to relieve carotid stenosis.He has non-significant medical history and works as a librarian. After the successfully completed surgery, he suffers from severe postoperative headache. This headache MOST likely results from:

  • ACaffeine withdrawal
  • BImpaired microcirculation
  • CPropofol withdrawal syndrome
  • DNeurogenic edema


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