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Otolaryngology MOC Sample Question 1

What is the role of HPV oncoprotein E6 in tumorogenesis?

  • ABinds and suppresses p53
  • BBinds and enhances p53
  • CBinds and suppresses pRB
  • DBinds and enhances pRB
  • EBinds and enhances function of p21
Otolaryngology MOC Sample Question 2

During a total laryngectomy, a surgeon grasps the hyoid and skeletonizes the greater cornu from its attachments with a scissor. While dissecting, she is careful to hug the posterior surface of the hyoid bone to avoid injury to what clinically relevant structure?

  • ASuperior laryngeal nerve
  • BHypoglossal nerve
  • CAnsa cervicalis
  • DSuperior thyroid artery
  • ELingual nerve


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