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OBGYN MOC Sample Question 1

During hysteroscopic resection of a submucosal leiomyoma, a 1-cm piece of epiploic fat was removed. What is the next BEST step in management?

  • AContinue resection as normal
  • BChange distention fluid immediately
  • CDiscontinue procedure immediately and move patient to recovery area
  • DEvaluate intraperitoneal cavity by laparoscopy
  • ETransabdominal ultrasound
OBGYN MOC Sample Question 2

A 40-year-old female has been experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding for the past 6 months after a molar pregnancy and is diagnosed with gestational trophoblastic neoplasia (GTN). Her hCG level is 3000. Uterine ultrasound reveals a 6 cm tumor. Abdominal CT reveals 1 renal and 2 splenic metastases. What should the physician’s NEXT step be?

  • AAdministration of methotrexate
  • BAdministration of actinomycin D
  • CAdministration of EMACO without radiation therapy
  • DAdministration of EMACO with radiation therapy
  • ERadiation therapy only


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