Audio Digest CME and Review

CMEList April 15, 2018

What is Audio Digest:

Audio Digest publishes audio clinical lectures that physicians and other healthcare professionals can listen to earn CME credits and further their medical education.

How CME Credits are Earned:

To earn CME credits, users must take a pretest and earn at least an 80% on a post-test after reviewing the audio and written content.

What Specialties does Audio Digest cover?

Audio Digest offers lectures in 17 specialties. The specialties are:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family Practice
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Hospitalist
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Otolaryngology
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Urology

Benefits of Audio Digest


Audio Digest’s courses and lectures can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s during a morning commute, cooking or other daily activities, Audio Digest allows users to learn and earn CME credits wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them.

Constantly Updated

Audio Digest’s CME content is regularly updated. Each week it records lectures from the most current and popular medical lectures across the country to ensure that its content is fresh and relevant.


A major concern in healthcare is the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on medical education and CME activities. Audio Digest has been in the industry for 55 years and claims to “select lectures solely for their educational value and promote quality in health care”.

Drawbacks of Audio Digest


While focusing on the most “pertinent and significant topics,” Audio Digest does not cover as many specialties as other CME providers, such as Oakstone and BoardVitals. Some specialties missing from Audio Digest’s CME catalog that are covered by others include Sleep Medicine, Radiology and Sports Medicine.


While there is a convenience that comes with audio activities, not everyone is an auditory learner. These activities might be limited for written and visual learners.

Clinical Compendium:

Audio Digest recently added the Clinical Compendium to its product line. This CME gift card offer contains important and accredited lectures in your specialty, as well as additional lectures similar to physicians and healthcare professionals, have found helpful. This CME product line also comes with a complimentary $500-1000 gift card depending on which membership level you sign up for.

Features include:

  • Advanced digital platform that allows you to stream Compendium content offline at your own convenience.
  • A credit tracker that helps you easily monitor your CME credit progress.
  • A mobile app for Apple iOS and Android that allows you to earn CME from your computer or tablet.
  • Topic-based playlists that allow you to review the lectures most relevant to you.
  • Written summaries that accompany each lecture.

Different pricing options for the Clinical Compendium include:

  • Clinical Compendium
    • $1,199
    • $500 Amazon, Apple, or Best Buy Gift Card
  • Clinical Compendium + One Year Audio Digest Silver Membership
    • $1,599
    • $750 Amazon, Apple, or Best Buy Gift Card
  • Clinical Compendium + One Year Audio Digest Platinum Membership
    • $1,599
    • $1,000 Amazon, Apple, or Best Buy Gift Card

Audio Digest Products & Pricing:

Below, you can see some more affordable offers compared to the Clinical Compendium. The offers listed below do not come with a gift card.

  • Audio Digest Platinum
    • $999
    • Accredited CME for basic requirements
    • Over 5,000 lectures in 17 specialties
    • Mobile CME Capability
    • 12 Board Review Courses
    • Accredited MOC activities
  • Audio Digest Gold
    • $699
    • Accredited CME for basic requirements
    • 3 years of past issues and bi-weekly updates for your specialty
    • Audio Digest Board Reviews
    • Accredited MOC activities
    • Mobile Capability
  • Audio Digest Silver
    • $399
    • Accredited CME for basic requirements
    • 24 new, bi-weekly issues
    • Mobile CME Capability


With 55 years in the industry, it is no surprise that Audio Digest is a leading CME provider and physician favorite. Audio Digest lectures are especially ideal for those who would like to learn and earn CME credits on their own time and at their own convenience.

Available in 17 specialties, Audio Digest does do a great job in ensuring that the content around available topics is refreshed and up to date. Whether it is a platinum, gold, or silver Audio Digest subscription or the 2018 Clinical Companium, Audio Digest’s product line provides great options for earning CME credits.

Rating: 5/5 Stars