PRESENT Podiatry CME Product Review

CMEList December 29, 2020

What is PRESENT Podiatry?

PRESENT Podiatry is the largest provider of accredited multimedia online CME to podiatrists and among its largest live CME conference providers. Professionals can earn CME by watching virtual lectures and webinars or attending their annual Podiatry CME conferences.

How do you earn CME credits with PRESENT Podiatry?

 Podiatrists can earn their CME relatively easily with both Present Podiatry’s online activities or their live conferences. 

If completing an online activity, you must do the following steps: 

  • Complete the Pre-Test
  • View the online lecture
  • Complete the Post Quiz (Min 70% Passing Score)
  • Complete the program survey

If attending a live CME conference, you must do the following steps.

  • Attend the conference
  • Complete the online evaluation survey by the designated deadline

For both types of activities, you will immediately receive your CME certificate after completing all the necessary steps. This certificate will be emailed to you, accessed via the Present Podiatry website, and printed at your convenience. 

What topics does PRESENT Podiatry cover?

Present Podiatry covers the entire Podiatric body of knowledge. This includes:

  • Perioperative Management
  • Office Emergencies
  • Blood Test Interpretation
  • Dermatology
  • Review of Neuromuscular Disease
  • Review of Imaging
  • Soft tissue and bone tumors
  • Biomechanics and orthotics
  • Surgical principles and selection
  • Bone and soft tissue healing
  • The human gait cycle
  • Vascular and neurological disease
  • Rheumatology and arthritis
  • Trauma evaluation and treatment
  • Offloading, wound evaluation and treatment
  • Anesthesia

Benefits of PRESENT Podiatry

Online Convenience

PRESENT Podiatry’s virtual webinars and lectures allow you to conveniently earn CME in the comfort of your own home or on the go. This is especially useful during the COVID-19 pandemic where all physical conferences and lectures are currently canceled or on hold until further notice.

27 states allow Doctors of Podiatric Medicine to earn 100% of their CME online. Most of the 23 states that limit earning CME online have waived these limitations due to COVID-19, as well. Now is the perfect time to earn all of your CME online through PRESENT Podiatry.

Wide Variety of Activities and Topics Covered

With 300+ online CME Lectures and 20+ on-demand webinars, DPMs will have no problems finding new and refreshing material to choose from during the process of earning their CME credits. 

The wide range of topics covered also allows podiatrists to broaden their knowledge in the podiatry areas they lack or may need reinforcement in. 

Live and Online Activities

Under normal circumstances, Present Podiatry holds multiple live CME conferences annually. This allows podiatrists to select the activity type that suits their needs. Many podiatrists prefer to complete their CME requirements from the comfort of their own home, but many prefer to attend a conference due to the networking capabilities, the chance to learn from renowned instructors, and the vacation destinations. With Present Podiatry, podiatrists can easily find an activity that meets their needs. 

PRESENT Podiatry Pricing

While Present Podiatry offers multiple online activities, we have highlighted the pricing and features of some of their most popular programs. For conference pricing, click here.

PRESENT Complete Podiatric CME Online:

  • Cost: $625 
  • Credit Hours: 220.25 credits
  • 326 lectured included 
  • A practical solution for obtaining CME credit in the comfort of your home or office
  • Maximize the efficiency of your CME efforts utilizing state of the art rich e-learning technology
  • Most comprehensive online Podiatric CME offering available
  • High quality modules by the finest teachers in podiatry
  • CME Credit for every lecture viewed with immediate on demand printing of your CME certificate

Best Podiatry Board Review Package

  • Cost: $995
  • Credit Hours: 85.25
  • Includes 3 separate activities
    • One-year subscription to the NEW PRESENT Online Board Review – 139 x 30-minute lectures that provide full instant CME credit and 5-10 exam questions.
    • ACFAOM Review Text In Podiatric Orthopedics & Medicine, 3rd Edition – highly outlined review of the entire podiatry body of knowledge and 562 questions.
    • Boards By the Number - exam simulation that contains over 300 pages of boards focused notes, 700 exam questions and an oral exam section.

Rating: 5/5 Stars