Top 3 Podiatry CME Conferences and Courses for Earning your CME Credits

CMEList April 24, 2018

Podiatrists are the only physicians who specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of the foot and ankle. Due to the many complex injuries and conditions that are involved in that area of the body, podiatrists must be skilled in everything from assessing simple ankle strains and sprains to diagnosing tumors and neuro-vascular disorders of the foot. To develop their skills and stay current with the latest trends in Podiatry, it is essential that podiatrists participate in Podiatry CME courses or Podiatry CME Conferences.

According to the Massachusetts Podiatric Medical Society, disorders of the foot and ankle are “among the most widespread and neglected health problems”. Conditions of the foot and ankle can also be symptomatic of systemic problems like diabetes, hypertension, and immunodeficiencies. In addition, podiatrists diagnose pathologies like tumors, prescribe medications, use advanced imaging like MRIs, treat bone disorders and infections, and correct ambulatory issues with orthotics. Given the vast range of conditions, injuries, and disorders that podiatrists diagnose and treat, maintaining a current base of knowledge via Podiatry CME courses or Podiatry CME conferences is essential to providing high-quality patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Podiatry CME requirements

The American Board of Podiatry requires podiatrists to earn 250 CME credits during each renewal cycle. Essentially, podiatrists must average 25 CME credits every year to maintain their board certification. 

There are many ways to earn CME credits and among the most popular are lectures, summits, and conferences. Here are some of the top Podiatry CME conferences coming up in 2018.

Desert Foot 2018 Conference

The Desert Foot 2018 Conference will be held from November 7-10 at the Grand Sheraton Hotel in Phoenix, AZ. The conference is intended for podiatrists and other physicians interested in the preservation of the lower extremity. More specifically, this conference is mainly intended for Podiatrists belonging to one of these seven groups: Veterans Administration (VA), Department of Defense, Public Health Services, Indian Health Service, VA Podiatric Residency Directors, the Arizona Podiatric Medical Association, and those from the Private Sector.

The conference will feature lectures from nationally renowned speakers and experts in the field. By attending these general sessions, podiatrists will broaden their knowledge around the latest surgical procedures, wound care technology, lower limb dermatology, vascular interventions, and more information that could be incorporated into a podiatrist's daily practice. In addition, there will be an opportunity to attend more hands-on workshop-style sessions for more personalized instructions and teachings. 

Podiatrists can earn up to 18 CME/CECH Credit Hours by attending this Podiatry Conference. 

View the video below for more information on the Desert Foot 2018 Conference and click here to register today.

Podiatric Residency Education Summit Midwest

The Podiatric Residency Education Summit Midwest will be held from September 28th - September 30th at the Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center in Oak Brook, IL

The purpose of this Podiatry CME conference is for residents, residency directors, attending podiatrists, and practicing podiatrists to come together to learn the latest developments in Podiatry and network. Similar to the Desert Foot Conference, this conference features both general lectures and more focused and personalized workshop sessions. By attending the lectures and workshop sessions, podiatrists will learn about wound care techniques, the epidemiology and pathophysiology of lower extremity disease, infections of the skin, nail, soft tissue and bone, and other key topics related to Podiatry. This year, the conference will place an emphasis on practice management.

Physicians who attend this conference can earn up to 15 CME/CECH Credit Hours. Check out the video below for more information on the Podiatric Residency Education Summit Midwest and click here to register.

PRESENT Complete Podiatric CME Online

In addition to Podiatry CME conferences, online Podiatry CME course are a popular option among podiatrists looking to fulfill their CME requirements. One of the most comprehensive listings of online CME courses is the PRESENT Complete Podiatric CME Online. It lists 304 modules that offer more than 100 hours of CME courses that are accredited by the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine. It also offers on-demand printing of CME certification immediately after the course has been completed.

The CME courses include a wide range of categories from biomechanics and diagnostic testing to infection and surgery. On average, the courses run from just over 20 minutes to one hour, with the majority running in the 30 to 45-minute range. Some additional popular topics covered include wound care, trauma and vascular diseases, pathology, pediatrics, and practice management.

Maintaining CMEs can be difficult in the midst of a hectic clinical schedule. However, it is necessary for podiatrists to earn these credits to maintain their board certification as well as improving on their knowledge on key podiatry topics. Whether there it is through a Podiatry CME conference or online Podiatry CME course, it is imperative Podiatrists find the right Podiatry CME activity to ensure best patient outcomes.