Benefits of Online Podiatry CME and top Podiatry CME Courses

CMEList July 25, 2018

While Podiatry CME conferences are a popular option amongst Podiatrists to earn CME credits, online Podiatry CME courses are also a great and convenient option. The American Board of Podiatric Medicine requires physicians to earn an average of 25 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM every year. The top Online Podiatry CME conferences allow Podiatrists conveniently meet these requirements at their own pace. In addition, online CME courses often come in multiple learning formats (video, audio, etc.). Given that many physicians have a different preference of learning style, online CME courses can give them the option to select the format that best matches their needs. Take a look at some of the most popular online Podiatry CME potions below and discover their benefits.

PRESENT Complete Podiatric CME Online

PRESENT Complete Podiatric CME Online is one of the most comprehensive online Podiatry CME offerings available. This bundle offers Podiatrist a 1 year subscription that offers unlimited online access to over 304 Podiatry lectures for $625. In total, podiatrists can earn over 100 CME credits and easily meet the American Board of Podiatric Medicine CME requirements by participating in these online lectures and earning at least a 70% on a post-test accompanying each lecture. Many CME conferences do not offer enough credits to completely fulfill a Podiatrist’s CME requirements. As a result, physicians often have to seek out additional CME activities after attending a conference. With this bundle, you can meet all your Podiatry CME requirements with one purchase.

Given the vast number of lectures available in this bundle, Podiatrists should easily find topics that are most relevant, helpful, and interesting to them. CME conferences can often be more general instead of focused. This CME bundle allows Podiatrists to find a focused course and help gain information around more granular topics within Podiatry. Some examples of Podiatry lectures available as part of this bundle include:

Note, that you can purchase each individual lecture as well instead of the entire Podiatric CME Bundle. Each individual lecture typically costs about $15 and offers between .5 - 1 CME credits.

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Podiatry Management Online

Another top provider of online Podiatry CME courses is Podiatry Management Online. Podiatry Management Online provides online versions of articles found in Podiatry Management Magazine.

Physicians have the option to purchase individual issues, which cost $27 and offer 1.5 CME credits, or a ten pack of issues, which costs $219 and offers 15 CME credits. Similar to the PRESENT Complete Podiatric CME Online, physicians must earn at least a 70% on a posttest that accompanies each article to earn the CME credits.

Podiatry Management Online also covers a wide range of Podiatry topics. Some examples of articles include:

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