The Best 4 Online Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses

CMEList July 30, 2019

Online continuing education activities are becoming more popular amongst all medical professions, including Physical Therapists (PTs). While there are many options Physical Therapists have to meet their continuing education requirements including Physical Therapist live seminars and conferences, online activities remain the most popular activity for many reasons including the convenience they provide.

With the growing preference for online activities, there has also been an increasing number of PT continuing education activities offered by providers. It is important PTs are selective when choosing their activity because they want to make sure the activity is convenient, will help them meet their specific requirements, and will help them broaden their knowledge around the PT topics that they are most interested or are most relevant to them for providing improved patient care.

To make the search easier, we have highlighted the top online physical therapy courses Physical Therapists can purchase to meet their CE requirements.


BoardVitals offers a wide selection of continuing education board review courses, covering over 30 specialties for medical professionals. Their question banks are constantly updated by a team of medical experts to ensure the information you are reviewing is current and can be applied to your daily practice.

BoardVitals offers has a special offer that PTs can purchase called the CME Pro Plus bundle. This comprehensive bundle offers up to a $2,500 complimentary Amazon gift card or Visa prepaid card and gives the chance to earn up to 100 CME credits depending on which specialty you select.

The gift card amount and subscription length can be customized based on your CME allowance using the “build your own” feature. For example, an allowance of $1,000 can get you a free $402 gift card and a 4-month subscription. You can also select one of the preset options which are 24, 18 and 12 months each including a complimentary gift card.

Flex Online Continuing Education

Flex Online Continuing Education is a premier continuing education specifically for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and occupational therapists. Flex Online Continuing Education offers courses at various price points with prices ranging from free to $135 and the price of each credit is valued at $9 a credit. There are 116 courses and up to 351 hours that can be earned.

Flex Online Continuing Education also offers a yearly subscription of $95 called Unlimited CEU. This feature allows it’s members to receive as many CEU’s as they please with the different courses it offers. They offer a wide range of different courses and allows you to meet the necessary state requirements. Examples of some of their most popular Physical Therapist courses are:

ContinuED/ offers unlimited access to all the continuing education activities in their library for $99 a year. In total, they offer over 300 courses in 20 topic areas that allow you to learn from experts within the industry. Examples of course topics are:

  • Acute Care
  • Athletic Training
  • Home Health
  • Strength and Conditioning offers many different types of activities so PTs can easily find an activity that best meets preferred learning methods. They offer live webinar courses, recorded webinar courses, text/transcript courses, virtual courses, and virtual conferences. The content is updated weekly, ensuring you are developing the most relevant skills.

These courses offer the online convenience of being accessible on multiple devices. PTs can access the various activities on their computer, phone, and tablet, allowing them to use the device that best fits their learning environment and hectic schedule.


HomeCEU seeks to provide convenient and cost-effective online CE. HomeCEU gives you the option of learning the courses through video, text, multimedia, webinar or a package deal. Physical Therapists have the option of building your their own bundle, which allows them to add as many courses as needed for their CE needs.

The prices of HomeCEU’s CE activities vary dependant on the number of CE credits it offers. HomeCEU also offers an unlimited CEU subscription allowing access to content at any time, anywhere you want.

Similar to other top providers, HomeCEU’s activities are mobile-friendly. Being able to access the courses on your phone or tablet, lets Physical Therapists save time and earn credits and learn on the go.