Top 3 Physical Therapy Continuing Education Live Seminars to Attend

CMEList July 22, 2019

Physical Therapists have many options to meet their state continuing education requirements. One of the most popular options is earning continuing education credits via live physical therapy seminars and courses.

Live seminars and courses provide physical therapists with the opportunity to learn from expert instructors as well as their knowledgable peers. These activities are typically engaging and provide a hands-on experience that many online activities may not be able to offer.

There are many seminars and live activities held across the United States every year. We have highlighted some of the top live continuing education activities for physical therapists to attend to meet their state licensing requirements.

1. Summit Professional Education

Summit Professional Education is one of the leading providers of live continuing education for Physical Therapists. In total, they host over 2,200 live courses every year.

Summit’s live courses are held in various states across the United States, with the majority of the workshops taking place in New York. They have over 100 qualified instructors leading the various sessions that are tasked with ensuring attendees receive very hands-on and innovative experience. Summit wants to ensure they have the most qualified instructors leading their courses so have a thorough screening process and require their instructors to have more than 20 years of practical experience.

The live seminars Summit offers cover a wide range of PT topics. Some of their popular sessions include:

Most of their activities are under $250 and offer 6 continuing education credits. However, Physical Therapists do have the option of purchasing the “All Access Summit Subscription”. This bundle costs $299.99 and gives PTs full yearly access to all of Summit Professional Education’s live seminars and their entire catalog of online PT courses.

2. Great Lake Seminars

Great Lake Seminars (GLS) aims to provide live seminars that not only teach but also inspire. They strive to make sure that after participating in their sessions, physical therapists will walk away with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to immediately apply best-learned practices when treating their patients.

Great Lake Seminar courses are designed to be 25% classroom and 75% hands-on learning. The classroom setting is where highly experienced physical therapy instructors teach attendees about the latest PT techniques that are backed by clinical research and evidence-based medicine. The hands-on portion of the sessions allows the participants to apply what they learned in the classroom setting in a real-life setting. This will the confidence to apply what they learned on their own patients.

The sessions offered by GLS cover a wide range of topics so there is something valuable for all PTs. Some of the topics their sessions cover include:

  • Evaluation and treatment algorithms
  • Mobilization
  • Manipulation
  • MFR
  • MFR with movement
  • Taping
  • a Functional approach to strengthening
  • Self-treatment

GLS hosts over 200 live PT courses annually. Check out all live Great Lake Seminar courses to find the one that is right for you for meeting your continuing education requirements.

3. Medbridge

Medbridge offers many types of physical therapy CE activities including live webinars. Unlike Summit Professional Education and Great Lake Seminar live activities, Medbridge’s live activities can be taken online.

Medbridge’s live webinars allow Physical Therapists to earn CE credits online from the comfort of their own home. These live activities bring industry-leading instructors to you without having to pay the high costs typically associated with live CE activities. PTs can get access to all of Medbridge’s live webinars with the purchase of the “Education” plan, which costs $200 per year and also gives full access to additional continuing education activities.

Medbridge live webinars cover a wide range of PT topics and are designed to help participants stay up to date on industry trends and evidence-based practice. Like with typical live activities, participants will be able to interact with their instructors and ask them questions throughout the sessions.