Pediatrics CME FAQ: Top Courses, Requirements, and More

CMEList October 4, 2018

How many CME credits and MOC points do Pediatricians Need?

Pediatricians are required by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) to earn at least 40 Self Assessment (SA), 40 Quality Improvement (QI), and an additional 20 QI or SA points every 10 years to maintain their board certification.

In addition, they must earn a specific amount of Pediatrics CME credits based off which state medical board they are licensed by. For example, the Arkansas State Medical Board requires pediatricians licensed in Arkansas to earn at least 20 CME credits every year to legally continue practicing medicine in the state. Check out our state CME requirements guide to determine exactly how many CME credits you need to earn.

Why are CME and MOC important for Pediatricians?

Continuous learning including CME and MOC is important for pediatricians because it helps board-certified pediatricians “expand their medical knowledge, improve their practice, and increase patient safety.”

Each part of the ABP recertification has a specific purpose. Part 2, or Lifelong Learning and Self Assessment, which requires pediatricians to earn 40 self-assessment points every 5 years, helps ensure pediatricians assess and improve the skills critical to important to their clinical practice.

Part 4 of the recertification process, or Quality Improvement, which requires physicians to earn 40 MOC points every 5 years, is focused on improving patient care. Completing QI activities should help pediatricians improve overall patient care and processes that lead to better treatment of children.

In addition to better patient care, MOC has personal benefits to pediatricians. Being board certified indicates that a pediatrician is dedicated to improving their performance and clinical practice. This commitment to excellence can lead to increased recognition among insurers, regulators, hospitals, physicians, patients, and other important entities.

Check out this page highlighting the value of MOC for more information on why continuing education is important for pediatricians.

How can Pediatricians meet their MOC and CME requirements?

Pediatricians can meet their CME and MOC requirements by participating in comprehensive online Pediatrics courses that will also help them improve their practice and deliver enhanced patient care. Online CME courses are popular amongst pediatricians because they allow them to earn CME credits and MOC points quickly and conveniently.

Two of the more popular Pediatrics CME courses are:

These are popular options because they offer a high number of CME credits and MOC points. The BoardVitals bundle, for example, offers Pediatricians up to 45 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM and 30 ABP Approved Self-Assessment MOC points.

Another benefit of these online courses is that they come with a complimentary gift card. Many pediatricians who receive a CME allowance from their institution or hospital look for CME gift card offers that allow them to receive a free gift back when they use their stipend. The BoardVitals Bundle allows pediatricians to get up to a $2,500 Amazon gift card or Visa prepaid card complimentary with purchase.

In addition to completing CME and MOC requirements and offering a free gift card, these CME programs are great for expanding your knowledge around key Pediatrics topics. As previously stated, a major purpose of MOC is for Pediatricians to enhance their skills in order to improve overall patient care. These courses cover a wide range of topics including Pediatric Dermatology, Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care, and more. After completing these courses Pediatricians should be able to improve their ability and treat patients on issues related to the topics covered in the course.

Finally, these courses are a popular option because they are convenient. Both programs can be accessed via your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This gives pediatricians the convenience of learning and earning CME credits whenever and wherever they please.

What live Pediatrics CME activities can Pediatricians attend to complete their CME and MOC requirements?

There are many live Pediatrics CME conferences, courses, board reviews, etc. that are held throughout the year that Pediatricians can attend to complete their board and state requirements.

Some of the top upcoming live Pediatrics activities are:

These conferences allow pediatricians the unique opportunity to use their CME allowance to go to a vacation destination where they will also earn CME credits and enhance their knowledge on a wide spectrum of Pediatrics topics.