How Pediatricians Can Earn CME Credits for Free

CMEList February 11, 2019

As a pediatrician, it can be difficult to find the time to earn CME credits. Unfortunately while inconvenient, earning CME credits as a Pediatrician is imperative because most Pediatricians have to earn a specific number of CME credits to meet their state CME requirements and complete CME activities to meet the American Board of Pediatrics MOC requirements of 40 self-assessment points, 40 quality improvement points, and an additional 20 SA and/or QI points every 5 years.

While there are many options to complete CME requirements (CME with gift card offers, CME conferences, etc.), many Pediatricians turn to free CME activities to meet their CME requirements because they are often quick, convenient, and most importantly free.

Given the increasing number of free CME providers, it can be difficult to find the right Pediatrics CME course for you. Here are some top options Pediatricians can use to earn free CME credits:

  • The Doctor’s Channel Free Pediatrics CME Videos
  • ScientiaCME Free Pediatrics CME Courses

The Doctor’s Channel Free Pediatrics CME Videos

The Doctor’s Channel offers free online Pediatrics CME videos that are convenient and will help you meet your CME requirements. The videos can be completed relatively quickly, as the videos typically range from 20 minutes - 1 hour. The videos are designed to be quick and to the point, so pediatricians can learn from each other and industry experts without taking too much time out of their already hectic schedules.

The Doctor’s Channel’s free Pediatrics CME activities cover a wide range of relevant topics and the insights gained from these videos will help you become a better Pediatrician and deliver better patient care. An example of a popular Pediatrics CME course in their catalog is Emerging Strategies to Reduce the Burden of Food Allergy in Children. This video offers 0.75 CME credits and will help you:

  • Assess the burden of food allergy in children.
  • Evaluate appropriate tools and strategies for the diagnosis and management of children with IgE-mediated food allergy.
  • Examine the comparative benefits and limitations of available and emerging methods for immunotherapy for the treatment of food allergy in children.
  • Explain the clinical and practical significance of increasing the allergen response threshold via immunotherapy.

ScientiaCME Free Pediatrics CME Courses

Like the Doctor’s Channel, ScientiaCME provides free Pediatrics CME courses that can be completed quickly and conveniently for CME credits. ScientiaCME’s courses will help Pediatricians keep up to date with the most relevant updates in their field. The activities typically come in lectures that can be accessed on multiple devices.

An example of a popular free Pediatrics CME course ScientiaCME offers is Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome (NRDS): Therapeutic Updates, Present Clinical Controversies, and Barriers to Care. After completing this course, Pediatricians will have more knowledge about:

  • NRDS Epidemiology
  • NRDS Pathophysiology and diagnosis
  • NRDS Treatment
  • NRDS Potential Barriers to Treatment and Solutions

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