Top 2 Online CME Courses for Physician Assistants

CMEList October 19, 2018

Certified Physician Assistants are required by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) to earn at least 100 CME Credits every 2 years as part of the 10-year recertification cycle that was instilled in 2014. At least 50 of the 100 credits must be Category 1 Credits and the other 50 can be any combination of Category 1 or Category 2 CME Credits.

Physician Assistants are required to earn CME credits to maintain their board certification but it is also a great way for PAs to improve their overall competency and as a result, deliver better care and treatment to their patients. By participating in the right CME activities, physician assistants can ensure that they are up to date in their primary focus area.

Many physician assistants are given a CME allowance to meet their continuing education requirements. According to the 2013 AAPA Salary Report, the median CME allowance PAs receive is $2000 and 71% of physician assistants receive an allowance that completely covers their CME expenses. Receiving a high CME allowance is a major benefit for PAs because it essentially allows them to earn their CME credits for free if it is high enough. When looking for a course, it is ideal to find a course that offers a high number of CME credits and can be covered completely by your CME allowance.

While CME is meant to enhance PA aptitude and performance, many PAs look it as a nuisance. PAs often complain that it is too time intensive and troublesome due to their hectic schedule. When looking for CME courses, it is important to find courses that will provide convenience.

Below you will find the top Physician Assistant CME courses physician assistants use to meet their CME requirements. These courses can be covered by the average CME allowance and provide the online convenience most PAs desire.

BoardVitals CME Pro Plus Bundle

The BoardVItals CME Pro Plus Bundle is an online review course that provides users board-style review questions regarding a specific specialty.

One reason it is a popular option among certified Physician Assistants because it offers up to 100 CME credits (varies by specialty) and comes with up to a bonus $2,500 Amazon Gift Card or Visa Prepaid Card. The bonus Amazon or Visa prepaid card is a great benefit because PAs who receive an allowance to cover the cost of the product can essentially get a free gift card without paying anything directly from their pocket. The bundle allows you to select a customized plan that perfectly fits your budget.

Another reason this is a popular option amongst PAs is that the program is that it extensively covers 30 different medical specialties including Internal Medicine, Surgery, Cardiology, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, and many more. Given that there is a wide spectrum of focus areas amongst physician assistants, this course offers options that will be relevant for most PAs.

As mentioned earlier, a primary purpose of CME for PAs is to ensure they are up to date in their focus area and improve their overall performance and patient care. The BoardVitals bundle is constantly reviewed and updated by a team of medical professionals to ensure that users are reviewing accurate, relevant, and up to date content. In addition, each review question comes with detailed explanations and answers so users can fully grasp the content that is being covered.

Another benefit of this CME program is the convenience it provides physician assistants. This course can be accessed “anytime, anywhere” from your computer, phone, or tablet. This gives PAs the flexibility of earning credits on multiple devices and whatever situation is most convenient for them, while at work, at home, or on the go.

In total, this program costs $1,999 with the complimentary $1,000 gift card. Click here for more information regarding the CME bundle.

CMEinfo Insider

Another great option for PAs looking to meet their recertification requirements is Oakstone’s CMEinfo Insider. This online CME activity includes online board review questions, journal summaries, and clinical updates that cover 14 different medical specialties including Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Hospital Medicine, Pediatrics, and more. Unlike the BoardVItals course, this program gives you access to content in all the available specialties instead of just one. This allows PAs to broaden their skills in their primary focus area in addition to other specialties that are of interest or relevance to them.

Like the BoardVitals CME Bundle, this CME program comes with a complimentary Amazon gift card with purchase. You can get up to a $2,000 gift card depending on if you select a 1,2, or 3 year subscription.

In addition to being accessible online on your computer, phone, and tablet, these CME activities can be accessed via audio. The audio component makes it very convenient for physician assistants who are looking to study and earn CME credits on their commute or when multitasking.

Click here for more information on Oakstone’s CMEinfo Insider.