Top 2 Emergency Medicine CME Conferences to Attend in 2019

CMEList November 7, 2018

Emergency Medicine CME conferences are becoming a popular option among physicians specializing in Emergency Medicine who are looking to complete their CME requirements. While online Emergency Medicine CME courses are still a popular option, many physicians prefer conferences because they often feature hands-on learning from leading experts in the field of Emergency Medicine and are often held in luxurious vacation destinations that allow physicians to destress from their hectic everyday lifestyle. In addition, these conferences offer great networking opportunities for physicians and the ability to share best practices with their peers.

Given that there are so many conferences held in the calendar year, it can be difficult finding the right conference that you should attend. When looking for a conference, physicians should look for conferences that will successfully improve their skills as an emergency medicine physician and help them complete their state CME requirements and the American Board of Emergency Medicine’s recertification requirement of 25 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM every year in the physician’s field of practice. In addition, when it comes to conferences, location matters, so make sure the conference is being held at a destination that will be enjoyable to visit.

Below, we have highlighted the top 2 conferences in 2019 emergency medicine physicians should attend.

Relevant Topics in Emergency Medicine

Relevant Topics in Emergency Medicine offers will be held in Sun Valley, Idaho from February 4-8, 2019 and is designed to help medical professionals focusing on Emergency Medicine “maintain state-of-the-art knowledge” in the specialty. In total, the course offers attendees up to 20 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM.

The purpose of this program is to ensure that physicians specializing in Emergency Medicine stay up to date and advanced on relevant Emergency topics and skills. This will help them provide improved and consistent care to patients in all emergency medicine settings.

Skills and topics the presentations at this conference will address include selecting and using complex equipment, pharmacological agents, key emergency medicine procedures, and more. The presentations given by industry experts will help physicians develop critical cognitive and technical skills that will develop best practices as defined by important organizations such as the American College of Emergency Physicians, American College of Surgeons and the Emergency Nurses Association.

The location of this conference also makes it an attractive option. Sun Valley, Idaho is most famously known for skiing but it offers a multitude of entertainment option for conference attendees. In addition to skiing, attendees can treat themselves to classic theater, stage run productions and movies, local watering holes, ice skating, and shopping at the local shops and boutiques.

This conference has different registration fees depending on your profession and certifications. Check out all the registration fees here.

American Academy of Emergency Medicine 25th Annual Scientific Assembly (AAEM19)

The American Academy of Emergency Medicine 25th Annual Scientific Assembly (AAEM19) will take place from March 9-13, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV. The conference offers attendees up to 20.25 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM and will help physicians expand their clinical knowledge around several important Emergency Medicine topics.

There are many topics the different sessions at this conference will cover. Some of the most important topics related to Emergency Medicine attendees can learn about including cardiovascular issues, infectious disease, pain medicine and opioids, pediatrics, trauma, emergency medicine, technology, and more.

The main sessions are large powerpoint lectures given by industry experts but there are also different types of sessions attendees can attend including Breve Dulce and small group clinics.

Breve Dulce Sessions

The Breve Dulce sessions, previously known as PK talks, are rapid-fire talks that cover a variety of Emergency Medicine topics. These sessions provide a succinct (less than 7 minutes) high-level overview of key Emergency Medicine topics. The learnings from these sessions can immediately be applied to your everyday practice. Examples of Breve Dulce Sessions include:

  • Lab Tests: Common Assumptions that May Hurt Patients
  • If MacGyver was an Emergency Physician

Small Group Clinics

Small group clinics give conference attendees to receive more hands-on personalized learning. These 30-minute sessions have a small teacher to participant ratio (1:6), allowing participants to get more attention and ask questions to industry experts that are most relevant to them.

Another appealing aspect of this conference is its location in Las Vegas, NV and the wellness opportunities the conference offers. Attendees can de-stress by enjoying the Las Vegas nightlife and/or by participating in the conference’s wellness sessions. Examples of wellness sessions offered at the conference include the AAEM Coffee Crawl, F3 Wellness Meals – Food, Friendship, and Fun, and System-Based Drivers of Burnout Focus Group. These sessions are a great opportunity to reenergize and connect with your fellow emergency medicine physicians.

There are different registration rates for this conference determined by your profession and membership status. Click here for all registration rates for AAEM19.