MOCA PEDS: What is it, When you Have to Complete it, and More

CMEList February 26, 2019

Traditionally, Pediatricians certified by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) would have to pass the MOC proctored exam every 5 years to retain their board certification. In 2019, the ABP introduced an alternative to the proctored exam; the MOCA PEDS.

What is the MOCA PEDS?

The MOCA PEDS is an online, non-proctored assessment platform that was created by the ABP as an alternative option for Pediatricians to complete part 3 of the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) process.

The MOCA PEDS consists of 20 timed multiple choice questions that can be completed at any time on multiple devices including your computer, phone, and tablet. This online flexibility allows Pediatricians to complete this part of MOC as painlessly as possible.

When must you complete the MOCA PEDS?

Pediatricians receive up to 20 questions online every quarter of the calendar year and have until the end of the quarter to complete that part of the MOCA PEDS.

The ABP will also drop the 4 lowest scores you receive when calculating the total score for the 5 year MOC period.

What content is covered in the MOCA PEDS?

The multiple choice questions in the MOCA PEDS cover a wide range of relevant Pediatric topics. The topics you see will be determined by what your Pediatrics focus is. For example, some of the topics if your focus is General Pediatrics are:

  • Managing back pain in children
  • Managing neonatal jaundice
  • Managing a patient with poor school performance
  • Managing a patient with poor school performance
  • Evaluating suicide risk in an adolescent

Many of questions will also be based off select peer-reviewed journal articles and guidelines.

Who is eligible for the MOCA PEDs?

Pediatricians are eligible to participate in MOCA PEDs in 2019 if they enrolled in a MOC cycle in 2018 and if their focus is in General Pediatrics, Child Abuse Pediatrics, Pediatric Gastroenterology, and Pediatric Infectious Diseases.

The ABP plans on making more subspecialties available for the MOCA PEDs in the upcoming years.

How can you prepare for your MOCA PEDS?

One of the best online Pediatrics CME courses that will help you prepare for the MOCA PEDS is the BoardVitals Pediatrics CME Bundle. In addition to being a CME gift card offer and helping you meet your CME requirements, this course will broaden your knowledge on several key Pediatrics topics that may be covered in the MOCA PEDS.

The activity features board-style review questions that come with detailed explanations. The content in this activity will ensure that you are well prepared for the MOCA PEDS or the standard proctored MOC exam if you choose to go that route.