How to get Free Nurse Practitioner CE Hours: Top 3 Courses

CMEList August 23, 2019

While many Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are given a CME allowance from their employer to meet their CE requirements, this is not always the case. Nurse Practitioners who don’t receive a CME allowance or receive a less than average NP allowance ($1,200 - $2,000) often looks towards free Nurse Practitioner to help them meet their AANP recertification and state board re-licensure requirements.

Given the importance placed on continuing education, continuing education providers have placed en emphasis on creating more free activities for Nurse Practitioners. With the abundance of different types of free activities, many NPs have a difficult time narrowing down their selection. Below we have highlighted the top three free online Nurse Practitioner CE courses NPs can use to help meet their requirements.

NursingCE Free Courses

NursingCE is a leading provider in online nursing education and provides multiple free courses Nurse Practitioners can complete to earn their CE credits. Their free courses are:

Their free courses offer between 1-2 CE credits and can be completed on your phone, tablet, or computer.

NursingCE’s goal is to provide a “one-stop-shop destination for you to complete your continuing education requirements as dictated by your state or your employer”. In addition to helping NPs meet their CE requirements, these courses provide a great refresher on pertinent topics to NPs.

NursingCE strives to provide quality and efficiency with its free online courses. They have a team of healthcare professionals who help write and review course content to ensure that NPs are getting up to date and relevant content. Each question is accompanied by a detailed explanation to ensure NPs fully comprehend the content being covered.

Pri-Med Free NP Courses

Pri-Med is a leading provider in free continuing education courses and some of their most popular free Nurse Practitioner courses are:

Pri-Med’s NP courses are accredited for American Association of Nurse Practitioner (AANP) credits and some courses also offer pharmacology ce credits. Most of their free courses offer between 0.5-2 credits and can be completed quickly online.

Pri-Med’s free courses are designed to easier for NPs to “easier for you to keep up with the newest medical knowledge”. Since 1995, they have been developing innovative and convenient ways for medical professionals to keep up with advances in medicine.

Pri-Med’s offers many different types of courses including podcasts, videos, and text-based courses. The different type of courses allows NPs to select the learning style that best fits their needs. For example, an NP who likes learning on their commute might be best suited to earn credits via listening to the free podcasts.

Doximity Free NP Articles

Doximity DocNews provides free online articles and news that NPs can read to earn CE credits. Doximity’s interface allows NPs to customize their dashboard so they are seeing the articles, journals, and news that matches their clinical interests.

These personalized articles are easy to consume and allow NPs to earn credits quickly. These articles can be accessed easily on multiple devices including your phone and tablet.