How to Earn CME and Get a Free iPad with your CME Money

CMEList February 12, 2021

The Increasing Use of iPads by Physicians

iPads are becoming more popular in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and amongst physicians to use in their everyday practice. According to the research firm Manhattan Research, 62% of surveyed physicians have a tablet device they use in their everyday practice, and that the iPad is the most popular tablet. Mobile tablets, specifically iPads, are becoming popular for a multitude of reasons including easier and more efficient access to patient records, improved physician-patient communication, and because iPads make it easier to earn CME credits.

Accessing EHRs and Medical Information with IPads

One of the biggest reasons iPads have skyrocketed in popularity amongst physicians is that it provides easier access to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other medical information. iPads allow physicians to access EHRs and other important information without having to lug around larger laptops are constantly go back to their desktop station. iPads make it more convenient for physicians to deliver medical information to their patients.

Given physicians growing preference towards iPads and tablets, more EHR system vendors are working on creating iPad friendly products. Functions physicians look for from their EHR systems on iPads include check previous medical history, labs, and update charts. EHR vendors are striving to make their products iPad friendly where physicians can easily perform these functions on an iPad.

Earning CME with iPads

In addition to performing everyday medical tasks and accessing medical information, iPads are becoming an increasingly popular option amongst physicians to earn their CME credits. According to the 2018 mms annual CME preferences physician survey, 47% of physicians prefer to earn their CME credits via online/digital courses and that 14% of physicians say that online convenience is the most important factor when picking a CME activity.

Given this preference of earning CME credits conveniently online, more CME providers are starting to offer their courses via tablets and mobile devices. Being able to complete a CME activity on a tablet such as an iPad makes it convenient for physicians who have a hectic schedule. This option allows them to earn CME credits on the go or from their practice or home.

BoardVitals, for example, provides online board review courses where physicians can simply answer board review style questions on their iPad to earn their CME credits. This offers physicians a simple and convenient way to earn their CME credits and MOC points directly on their iPad.

How to get an iPad with your CME Money

One of the best ways to get a free iPad with your CME allowance is through CME with gift card offers. The BoardVitals CME Pro Plus Bundle offers up to 100 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM and up to a bonus $2,500 Visa prepaid card. Physicians can also customize their prepaid card amount by entering in their custom CME allowance amount. For example, you can receive a free $815 prepaid card with an allowance of $1,700.

With the bonus Visa prepaid card the bundle offers, you can purchase an iPad for professional use, to earn CME credits, and for personal use. The standard price of an iPad pro with a 12.9-inch display is $799, so the $2,500 prepaid card you can receive would completely cover the cost of this product.

Once you purchase your iPad, you can use it to answer the board review questions and earn CME credits within the BoardVitals CME course. The CME bundle is available in over 30 specialties and will help you meet your CME credits conveniently and expand your knowledge around several key topics pertaining to your specialty.