Benefits of Video CME and the Top 3 Video CME Providers

CMEList June 7, 2018

Benefits of Video CME

Video CME is becoming an increasingly popular option for many medical professionals. Many Video CME courses allow physicians to earn their CME credits simply by watching a video on a specific medical topic and then answering questions related to the video.

One of the benefits of Video CME is that the videos make complex information easy to comprehend. The videos often contain helpful and informative diagrams that make digesting the information relatively simple. In addition, the videos often feature well spoken and insightful narrators and lecturers that make it easier to follow along and process the medical information that is being relayed.

Another benefit for Video CME is that it provides an option for those who struggle to learn via audio methods. According to Pearson, a leader in education and learning, 65% percent of the population are visual learners compared to 35% being auditory learners. Video CME courses are great for physicians who prefer to listen visually. They will likely help physicians retain the information better so they could apply it to their process and improve patient treatments and outcomes.

An additional benefit of video CME is that it can be often be accessed on multiple devices. Many video CME courses can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or cell phone. This makes it easy for users to earn their CME credits at their preferred time and place. Whether it is on your commute or at the office, the flexibility of watching a video CME course at your preferred destination and preferred device make them a convenient option.

More CME providers are starting to offer video CME courses given the growing inclination towards them. Below you will find some of the top providers that provide video CME.

The Doctor’s Channel

The Doctor’s Channel is leading provider of free online video CME. Their videos cover over 50 different specialties and various relevant topics for different medical professionals.

The Doctor’s Channel videos are typically around 20 minutes. This length makes it quick and easy for busy physicians to earn their CME credits. The videos make it a point to highlight the most important information regarding a topic, ensuring walk away with critical knowledge they could apply to their practice.

The Doctor’s Channel provides physicians a free, quick, and convenient option to earn their CME credits and maintain their knowledge within a specialty. Click here for more details on the Doctor’s Channel.

Meetings by Mail

Meetings by Mail’s goal is to help medical professionals “Remain current in your field while managing a hectic clinical schedule”. Meetings by Mail provides CME courses targeting physicians, technologists, nurses, and more. Specialties and topics covered by their courses include CT/MR Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Neuroradiology, Breast Imaging, Echocardiography, and more.

Currently, Meetings by Mail offers video CME via two different options. Users have the choice of streaming the video CME online (mobile and desktop) and offline via the DVD-ROM format. The DVD-ROMS need to be played on a computer and not a DVD player. The DVD-ROMs will not play on a standard DVD player due to its greater capacity and functionality. The DVD-ROMs contain weblinks, printable options, and other features that would not work properly on a regular DVD player.

Meetings by Mail’s video CME courses make it so you can get all the necessary information from a conference or lecture without the traveling. The videos capture all the slides, audio, and video from a medical lecture or conference. In addition, the quality of the video is high quality, as Meetings by Mail emphasizes maximizing image quality. These videos are a great option for those who want the information from a Live CME event without actually having to attend them.

The Osler Institute

The Osler Institute traditionally has focused on Live CME activities, but they have recently partnered with JWPlayer to offer online video streaming content.

Osler’s video CME courses cover a wide range of topics and specialties including Radiation Oncology, Otolaryngology, Neurology, Plastic Surgery, Family Medicine, and more. Users can select a one month or six-month subscription and they will be able to access their videos directly from the Osler website. They do offer a DVD-ROM option as well for physicians that would prefer to have a hard copy.

The videos present slides that are accompanied by informational bullet points and diagrams that make them easy to follow along and retain the information. In addition, the videos are accompanied by audio from a lecturer so it makes it similar to attending a presentation.