2 Easy Ways to get Free Ophthalmology CME Credits

CMEList March 22, 2019

Having to earn 250 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM every 10 years to maintain their American Board of Ophthalmology board certification can become an expensive process for Ophthalmologists. This especially becomes a problem if they were given a below average CME allowance. Ophthalmology CME courses that offer a high number of credits tend to be pricey and might not be the reasonable option if you don’t have a high CME allowance or only need to earn a few more credits to complete your recertification requirements. If this is the case, consider these top free Ophthalmology CME options, which will help you meet your Ophthalmology CME and MOC requirements.

Pri-Med Free Ophthalmology CME Courses

Pri-Med provides free online CME courses for medical professionals that make it easier for them to keep up with the latest medical knowledge in their industry. The courses are easy to comprehend, convenient, user-friendly, and make earning CME credits a pleasant process.

Currently, Pri-Med offers 2 free Ophthalmology courses. These courses are:

Common Eye Problems Seen in Primary Care

Common Eye Problems Seen in Primary Care is a free online Ophthalmology webcast that gives ophthalmologists up to date information and best practices regarding treatment of diabetic retinopathy, hypertension-related eye conditions, and glaucoma. These issues are some of the most common conditions Ophthalmologists see in their patients. This course is designed so that participants can develop better patient communication, treatment, and improved outcomes around these common issues.

After completing the course, Ophthalmologists will:

  • Become familiar with updates in treating hypertension-related eye conditions
  • Recognize Diabetic Retinopathy stages and their treatments
  • Broadly understand medical therapy for the treatment of glaucoma
  • Broadly understand options for surgical management of glaucoma

The course can be completed online and offers a total of 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM.

Office Ophthalmology

Office Ophthalmology is a free Ophthalmology webcast from Pri-Med that focuses on common eye symptoms and signs that are even visible to non-Ophthalmologists. This includes red flags such as eye pain, floaters and flashes, transient or permanent vision loss, and red eye.

After completing the course, Ophthalmologists will better be able to:

  • Understand the urgency of referral to an ophthalmologist or an emergency facility for specific sight- or life-threatening conditions
  • Describe the differential diagnosis of red eye Identify the components of an office-based screening evaluation for eye disease
  • Describe how a careful history will identify the likely etiologies for transient vision loss

This course can be completed for 0.75 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM.

WillsEye Knowledge Portal

Wills Eye is a leading online educator in Ophthalmology activities. They offer online free Ophthalmology CME courses that cover a wide range of key topics including glaucoma, complicated cataract issues, eyelid problems, retina complications, and many more.

Examples of their courses include:

Their courses offer a wide range of CME credits, but all can be completed for free. Ophthalmologists can earn over 80 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM by completing all the courses in their catalog.