CE Broker CME Product Review

CMEList January 27, 2021

What is CE Broker

As a busy medical professional with a hectic schedule both in and out of the office, it can be difficult finding relevant courses to meet your specialty requirements and keeping track of your continuing education requirements.

The less time you spend actually sifting through pages for courses and figuring out how many hours of CE you still have to earn, the more time you can spend actually getting your requirements done so you can get back to work and do what you love.

CE Broker aims to make the process finding and tracking CE hours as simple and stress free as possible. CE Broker is a continuing education tracking system that more than 2 million licensed professionals use everyday. They work with over 100 regulating boards, over 6000 educational providers, and track CE for over 200 professions.

CE Tracking Made Easy

After making an account, licensee’s can track their compliance and report their completed continuing education through CE Broker.

State boards are granted immediate access to the completed CE in a licensee's account, which means there’s no waiting for records to be transferred or processed. They can instantly verify that a licensee’s CE is completed and determine renewal eligibility.

Find Courses Tailored to Your Specialty

Over 6000 educational providers are registered with CE Broker and their courses are available through a specialized course search engine. CE Broker makes it easy to find and complete courses relevant to your specialty and requirements, report them when they are completed, and renew your license quickly all in one place.

Key Features of CE Broker

Course Search

You can browse the most up-to-date list of appropriate courses available in one place. Helpful search filters will lead you right to the course you need to meet your continuing education requirements and expand your medical knowledge.

Free Mobile App

CE Broker is available on iOS and Android. Complete courses, track CE, and send reports all from the convenience of your phone or tablet.

Easy Reporting

With a Course History and Compliance Transcript, keeping track of and reporting your completed courses couldn’t be easier.

Digital File Storage (for Professional or Concierge Accounts)

Store digital versions of your certificates to completed courses listed in your Course History, making it convenient and easy to keep track of them.

CE Compliance Transcripts (for Professional or Concierge Accounts)

This convenient one-sheet breaks down what your requirements are, what courses you still need to complete, and what courses have already been reported. If your requirements are complicated and change every renewal, it can be difficult knowing just what courses you need to do at any given time. If a particular subject area is not required for the current renewal, it will be clearly marked as such - saving you the time and effort of searching for it yourself. When there is a subject area that needs to be covered, your Transcript will tell you exactly how many hours you need and there will be a link that sends you to every course available pertaining to that subject. Once you’ve completed your requirements for that renewal, your Transcript percentage will be at 100 and you will know you’re finished.

Personal Account Manager (for Concierge Accounts)

CE Broker provides Concierge Members a dedicated Account Manager who will help you find courses that best fit your schedule and will report all of your CE courses once you’ve finished them. They will also update you on any upcoming deadlines or regulatory changes that come up via email, send you friendly reminders, and answer any questions you may have for them regarding your requirements.

Account Types

Professional Account

With a Professional Account ($29 per year plus a free 7-day trial), the journey to renew your license is made even easier by calculating exactly what courses you need to take to meet your CE requirements. This is especially helpful if you want to minimize the time looking for courses as much as possible.

Professional Account Features

  • CE Compliance Transcript
  • Digital storage for completion certificates
  • Email alerts when courses are reported

Concierge Account

A Concierge Account ($99 per year) comes with every feature a Professional Account comes with plus a very special feature: your very own Account Manager.

Your Account Manager can:

  • Report all of your course completions
  • Help you find the best possible courses that fit your schedule
  • Keep you updated on any regulatory changes or deadlines

The Concierge Account is the easiest and simplest way to meet your CE requirements. This account is key for licensees that want to streamline the renewal process as much as possible.