Introduction to Endoscopic Vein Harvesting

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Key Features

Complete Course for beginning or novice endoscopic vein harvesters: 4 chapters of video lessons with discussion, demonstration, annotated video, graphics, and journal references.

Topics Covered

History of endoscopic vessel harvesting, anatomy of greater saphenous vein, importance of conduit quality, available EVH scopes on the market, step-by-step procedure instructions with demonstrations and live case video, broken down into basic elements, wound closure, vein preparation, postoperative complaints, troubleshooting, and next steps as a harvester.

Learning Objectives

Introduce the history and evolution of vein harvesting, Understand the importance of quality vein conduit for bypass surgery and how it can effect outcomes, Familiarize the learner with common EVH scopes and discuss their similarities and differences, Know how to prep and position a patient, Know what materials and surgical instruments are required for EVH and what they are used for, Teach the procedure of EVH from start to finish step by step (Incision, Scope dissection, Scope harvest, vein preparation), Provide a foundation of knowledge and basic EVH skills

Target Audience

Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Perfusionists, RN First Assists, and Surgical Technologists

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