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Oakstone CME Electrodiagnostic Medicine and Neuromuscular Disorders

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Convenient, Comprehensive Neurology and PM&R CME

Designed for neurologists and physical medicine & rehabilitation doctors, residents, and fellows, this continuing medical education program covers all diagnostic and management approaches to both inherited and acquired neuromuscular conditions.

The 41 lectures in Electrodiagnostic Medicine and Neuromuscular Disorders — each just 30 and 45 minutes in length — delve into basic techniques and clinical applications of electrodiagnosis and ultrasound, as well as generalized disorders, motor neuron diseases, polyneuropathies, neuromuscular junction disorders, and myopathies. Key take-home points from this online CME program include:

  • Basics of Needle EMG: Voluntary Activity. Motor unit potential waveform reflects the change in motor unit architecture due to disease processes, while the interference pattern provides information about the number of motor units and their activation.
  • Neuropathies Associated with Systemic Disease and Cancer. Countless systemic disorders — metabolic, nutritional, inflammatory, infectious, neoplastic, and others — can cause neuropathy and accordingly, neuropathy can take many forms. Carefully characterizing the phenotype of neuropathy can help narrow down the relevant causes.
  • Muscle Channelopathies. For a patient with a personal and family history of muscle stiffness and pain, consider genetic testing for myotonic disorders.
  • And more…

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