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USMLE Step 2 Sample Question 1

A 7-year-old female presents shortly after her birthday with erythematous, indurated, scaly plaques over her earlobes in a symmetric pattern. Her mother reports that the patient recently received a pair of earrings from her older cousin as a birthday present. What is the mechanism of this reaction?

  • AAnaphylactic (type I)
  • BCytotoxic (type II)
  • CImmune complex-mediated (type III)
  • DCell-mediated/delayed (type IV)
  • EAutoimmune disease (type V)
USMLE Step 2 Sample Question 2

A 57-year-old female presents for a second opinion of a left breast lesion that had been diagnosed as “eczema” by her regular nurse practitioner, which briefly improved after a short course of topical steroids. On physical exam, there is an erythematous, scaly lesion involving the left breast nipple-areolar complex with weeping drainage. What is the next step in the patient’s management?

  • ABilateral breast ultrasound
  • BPunch biopsy of nipple, followed by bilateral mammography
  • CMaintenance of regular annual mammography appointments
  • DOral corticosteroids
  • ELeft breast MRI


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