Updates in Migraine Headaches: Best practices and Emerging Therapies in Treatment and Prevention

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After viewing Updates in Migraine Headaches, you will be able to:
• Describe the prevalence of migraine symptoms and the impact that these symptoms have on efficacy of anti-migraine therapy and functional status
• Describe the sometimes variable manifestations (e.g., incidence and clinical presentation) of migraine headaches, depending on age and sex
• Recall emerging therapies for the treatment and prevention of chronic migraine headache and anticipate their place in therapy
• Support team-based learning and communication between all clinicians involved with the care of patients suffering with migraines
• Given a series of patient cases, diagnosis and treat migraine headaches by employing current treatment guidelines, using evidence-based therapy algorithms, and providing individualized approaches to care

Target Audiences:
Healthcare professionals who are: primary care physicians, neurologists, headache specialists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, OB-GYN specialists, pharmacists, and those who otherwise commonly care for or clinically encounter patients who may experience migraine headache.

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