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Pharmacology CE Board Review Sample Question 1

Which of the following describes the purpose of a nerve block for pain relief? (Select all that apply.)

  • AFor short-term pain management after surgery
  • BTo use as a type of anesthesia for a minor surgery
  • CAs an amnestic during surgery so the patient will not remember the pain
  • DTo allow more time for an area to heal
  • EAs treatment for an ongoing painful condition
Pharmacology CE Board Review Sample Question 2

The nurse is administering cromolyn sodium (Intal) for a patient with asthma. Which of the following are true about this drug? (Select all that apply)

  • AIt causes confusion
  • BIt causes headache
  • CIt causes diarrhea
  • DIt prevents an attack
  • EIt treats an acute attack
  • FIt causes photosensitivity
  • GIt does not cause wheezing


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