Oakstone CME What My Mistakes Taught Me

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Expert Clinicians Share Lessons Learned from Medical Mishaps

What My Mistakes Taught Me is a truly unique and illuminating online CME program. In 22 one-hour lectures, physicians from different areas of medicine and surgery discuss the expertise they’ve gained from problems, mistakes, and errors in clinical practice.

Led by Martin A. Samuels, MD, these experienced clinicians share case studies and the take-away messages learned from their own medical mishaps, emphasizing that:

  • While we’re not perfect, we’re still valued contributors to our profession and society
  • Perceived mistakes help us live with our imperfections and strengthen our integrity
  • Recognized mistakes tell us what works and what doesn’t
  • Accepting mistakes helps us take responsibility for erroneous ideas or actions
  • Open acknowledgement of mistakes inspires others to do likewise

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