HPC Hospitalist, Trauma, and Emergency Procedures Live and Online course

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The HPC Hospitalist, Trauma, and Emergency Procedures Live and Online course covers the 20 most essential procedures needed to work in the ER, ICU, and hospital wards, including the procedures needed for trauma management in the ER.

The course includes lectures and skills labs in: informed consent, procedural sedation, mechanical ventilation, tube thoracostomy, needle decompression, endotracheal intubation, Glidescope intubation, LMA placement, King tube placement, intraosseous line placement, point-of-care ultrasound including E-FAST and RUSH exams, and ultrasound-guided procedures: central line placement, arterial line placement, peripheral IV placement, thoracentesis, lumbar puncture, and paracentesis.

Before the meeting, you watch 17 online lectures at home or in your office; then you attend a LIVE meeting featuring demonstrations and hands-on training in one of a exciting locations including Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington D.C., San Antonio, Seattle, and Long Beach

After completing the HPC Hospitalist, Trauma, and Emergency Procedures Live and Online course, you will be better able to:
• Define the indications and contraindications for hospital procedures
• Identify the pertinent anatomy, patient positioning and proper technique for hospital procedures
• Understand the common complications of the various procedures
• Choose appropriate options for oral or intravenous procedural sedation
• Utilize basic ultrasound to assist with hospital procedures
• Understand the basic principles of mechanical ventilation
• And much more

Target Audience:
Attending and resident physicians, midlevel providers, and medical students working in the emergency room, intensive care unit, or hospital wards.

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