Head & Neck — Masters of Pathology Series

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Head & Neck — Masters of Pathology Series course provides will help physicians discover leading-edge innovations in the diagnosis and management of Head and Neck Lesions. It is great for earning CME credits and Lifelong Learning and SAM Credits.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • oral cavity pathology
  • nose paranasal sinuses pathology
  • pharynx pathology
  • larynx pathology
  • neck pathology
  • thyroid pathology


After completing this course, physicians will better be able to:

  • Attain the latest knowledge on core concepts and diagnostic work-ups
  • List an accurate differential diagnosis for head and neck lesions
  • Order appropriate immunostains to address diagnostic possibilities
  • Identify the limitations and possible pitfalls of each diagnostic tool
  • Discuss clinical implications of a given head and neck diagnosis


Target Audience: Hospital and laboratory based diagnostic pathologists, as well as academic pathologists and pathology residents, ENT and oral/dental surgeons and oncologists and their residents, and Medical oncologists and oncology fellows.

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