Comprehensive Review of Neurology: The Oakstone Institute Board Review

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Ace the Neurology Boards with the Comprehensive Review of Neurology directed by Martin A. Samuels, MD.

The Comprehensive Review of Neurology covers the full range of topics in neurology, including: Neuroimaging, Behavioral Neurology, Lewy Body Disease, Alzheimer Disease, Headache, Fatigue, Parkinson Disease, Stroke, Neurointensive Care, Peripheral Neuropathies, Multiple Sclerosis, Sleep Disorders, Epilepsy, Dizziness, Pain, Primary Brain Tumors, Coma, Concussion and many others.

At the conclusion of Comprehensive Review of Neurology, you will be better able to:
•Perform a thorough history and neurologic exam in order to recognize and evaluate common and uncommon neurologic symptoms and complaints.
•Distinguish between those patient complaints that require further imaging and those that do not.
•Identify appropriate and relevant treatments and the subsequent outcomes.
•Evaluate the necessity for referral of the neurologic patient to a subspecialist neurologist or a specialist in another field.
•Manage patient expectations regarding disease course, treatment results, and prognosis.
•Differentiate between medical treatment and surgical management of such disorders as epilepsy and Parkinson disease.
•Differentiate between a primary neurologic disorder and a neurologic problem caused by a systemic disorder.

Target Audience:
Neurologists, Neurology Residents, Neurology Fellows and Physician Assistants and Nurses

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