American Urogynecological Society

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American Urogynecological Society offers various courses including webinars and question banks.

Participating in these courses will help you:
• To explain the prevalence and impact of urinary incontinence, identify the common types, explain bladder function, diagnose urinary incontinence in patients, and apply common treatment options;
• To conduct effective patient evaluations and recognize the psychological, social, and sexual impact of anal incontinence; evaluate the relationships between current medications and anal incontinence; explain the effects of vaginal childbirth, aging, obesity, health habits, and pelvic surgery on lower GI tract function; correctly diagnose anal incontinence; and apply non-surgical techniques to prevent and treat anal incontinence; and
• To differentiate pelvic organ prolapse (POP) from normal vaginal support; identify the most specific symptoms; diagnose POP in your patients; and select the best surgical or non-surgical treatment options.

Target Audience:
Primary Care Physicians and other specialists who regularly provide care to women.

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