Advanced Communication for Physicians

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Key Features

Respects clinicians time constraints with short, high impact modules.

In each module:

  • Short video defines and illustrates the skills in everyday situations
  • Do it yourself exercises for skill practice and application
  • Short quiz
  • Valuable resources you can print on demand-skill reference card
  • self check
  • peer feedback tool
  • reference list

Topics Covered

  • The Communication Solution
  • Mindful Practice
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Openings and Closings
  • Engaging Patients and Families as Partners
  • Communicating with Empathy
  • Effective Explanations
  • Hard Conversations

Learning Objectives

  • Describe five specific ways physician communication skills affect the patient and physician experience and positive patient outcomes
  • Demonstrate the practice of presence (or mindfulness) during interactions with patients and families
  • Be able to sustain mindfulness in the face of interruptions
  • Demonstrate effective ways to open a patient encounter so the patient feels welcome, open, and confident in their relationship with the provider
  • Demonstrate an effective closing—to end a patient encounter leaving the patient feeling closure, support and clarity—with a positive memory of the physician and the encounter
  • Use five skills that enhance teamwork and collaboration
  • Demonstrate the Ask-Tell-Ask Model for engaging patients, providing effective explanations and checking understanding
  • Be able to verbally recognize and validate feelings of patients and their families, and communicate empathy nonverbally
  • Use 3 skills to engage patients as partners in the care process
  • Demonstrate the 6-step Hard Conversations model to engage patients, family members and coworkers in hard conversations in a manner that is direct, empathic and most likely to yield the desired results

Target Audience

All physicians and advanced practice clinicians

Additional credit info

CME Credits awarded by St. Louis University

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