Top Apple Products to Use your CME Apple Gift Card On

CMEList July 10, 2018

CME with gift card offers that come with a CME Apple gift card offer physicians a great opportunity to get high-quality Apple products using their CME allowance. Many CME gift card bundles offer a complimentary Apple gift card with a purchase. With the healthcare industry becoming more digital, physicians are increasingly turning to Apple products to use in their everyday practice. Below you will find some of the best products you can purchase with a complimentary CME Apple gift card.

iPad Pro


The iPad Pro provides the “ultimate Multi-touch experience”. This newer iPad model features a brighter, less reflective, and more responsive retina display. According to, 59% have or plan on integrating tablets into their practice. Many physicians use tablets such as the iPad Pro to easily access patient’s electronic health records.

The iPad Pro is also perfect for physicians who are looking to earn their CME credits on the go. Many of the CME bundles that offer the Apple CME gift card offer CME courses and board reviews that can be completed on an iPad. The BoardVitals CME Bundle, for example, provides over 1,000 board review style questions and up to 100 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM depending on the specialty that you select. These questions can be answered on an iPad to earn your CME credits. The iPad Pro comes in both a 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch display, costing $649 and $799 respectively.

Apple Airpods

Apple Airpods are convenient wireless headphones that are perfect for physicians constantly on the go. These headphones are also ideal for physicians who need as little interference as possible, as wired headphones can often be a nuisance and get in the way of day to day activities. These headphones are also great for making calls and taking meetings.

In addition to using these headphones for day to day activities, you can use these headphones for earning CME credits via audio CME. Many CME gift card bundles offer courses that can be listened to to earn CME credits. Oakstone’s CMEinfo Insider, for example, offers board reviews and journal summaries that can be accessed via audio to earn CME credits. 

You can purchase these headphones using your CME apple gift card for only $159.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is another popular product among physicians that you can use your CME apple gift card on. With most physicians being health-conscious, one reason physicians are fans of the Apple Watch is the health features. The Apple Watch and the Apple Health app allow users to accurately track physical activity, sleep, nutrition, and mindfulness. By closely monitoring these health aspects every day, individuals are able to better monitor their health and make improvements to their lifestyle. In addition to health features, the Apple Watch is great for taking calls, streaming music, using your favorite apps, and more. You can use your CME Apple Gift Card to get an Apple Watch for only