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Topics in Risk Management 6th Edition

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Topics in Risk Management 6th Edition consists of 5 modules:
Calculation of Economic Damages in Medical Malpractice Cases, Preparing for a Defendant Doctor’s Deposition in a Medical Malpractice Case, Ethical Decision Making in Health Care, Simultaneous Surgeries and Intermediation.

Studying Topics in Risk Management 6th Edition will give you:
• An understanding of how economist experts for the defense and for the plaintiff approach and calculate the compensatory damages awarded by juries in medical malpractice cases.
• Ten practical rules and numerous other tips to help defendant doctors effectively prepare for a deposition, which is their best opportunity to influence the outcome of a malpractice case.
• An introduction to intermediation, a formalized process to help resolve ongoing pre-claim conflicts between patients/families and their care providers. All involved parties give high marks to intermediation as a way to resolve conflicts.
• An insight into the numerous conflict-resolution resources that ethics committees provide in health care settings as well as the four ethical principles that guide their recommendations.

Target Audience:
Physicians and others interested in the education of risk management and health care ethics.

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