Top Oakstone CME Gift Card Offers

CMEList December 20, 2018

Oakstone is one of the leading online CME providers in the industry. For many years they have been a go-to source for physicians and other medical professionals who are looking to meet their CME requirements. Oakstone aims to develop and publish “medical and dental education materials that are timely, relevant, and meaningful to clinical practice in multiple specialties for health care and dental providers”.

Oakstone has an extensive CME product line, but one of the reasons they are so popular among medical professionals is their CME gift card offers. Oakstone’s CME gift card offers allow physicians to use their CME allowance to get a free Amazon gift card with purchase. In addition to offering a complimentary gift card, their gift card offers typically offer a large number of CME credits and sometimes MOC points, which will help you meet your annual recertification requirements.

Oakstone has many gift card offers but their most popular offers are CMEinfo Insider, Practical Reviews, and special seasonal offers. Continue reading below for more information on these Oakstone gift card offers.

Oakstone CMEinfo Insider

Oakstone’s CMEinfo Insider is their most popular gift card offer for many reasons. With this offer, physicians can get a complimentary $1,000 or $1,500 Amazon gift card depending on if they select a 1 year or 2-year subscription.

In addition to a gift card, buyers have the opportunity to earn unlimited CME credits and will get access to Oakstone’s entire collection of specialty based resources. The content in these CME activities is constantly updated so physicians can stay up to date with the trending topics in their specific focus areas. The content can also be accessed via your phone, computer, or tablet.

Check out our CMEinfo Insider product review for more information on this gift card bundle.

Practical Reviews Two Years On Demand

Practical Reviews Two Years On Demand is another popular gift card option Oakstone offers. This 2-year subscription costs $1,995 and comes with a complimentary $1,000 Amazon gift card with purchase.

This offer is available in 23 different medical specialties and gives users expert reviews of the most relevant articles from leading medical journals. The information in Practical Reviews is summarized so physicians can easily take away the key findings and research in often dense medical journals. Like CMEinfo Insider, the content in Practical Reviews is constantly updated and can be accessed via your phone, computer, or tablet. This program also can be accessed via a mobile app, that makes learning and earning CME credits convenient.

Seasonal Oakstone Gift Card Offers

In addition to the CMEinfo Insider and Practical Reviews offers, Oakstone also constantly puts out seasonal gift card offers. For example, in December they had an offer where physicians could get a complimentary $500 Amazon gift card if they spent at least $995 on their various CME offerings including board reviews, journal summaries, clinical updates and more.

Be sure to check Oakstone around major holidays or times of the year to see if they are offering a gift card offer you could use your CME allowance on.