The Best Audio Digest CME Offers with a Gift Card

CMEList January 4, 2019

One of the reasons Audio Digest is a popular option amongst physicians is the numerous CME gift card options they offer. Physicians who received a CME allowance often tend to look for CME courses that will help them both meet their recertification courses while allowing them to get a complimentary gift card with their CME money. As mentioned Audio Digest provides many gift card options for physicians, but two of their most popular options are the Clinical Compendia and Topical Collections. These options extensively cover various medical topics and specialties, offer CME credits, and come with either a complimentary Amazon, Apple, or Best Buy gift card. Keep reading for more information on their top gift card offers.

Audio Digest Clinical Compendia with up to a free $1,000 Gift Card

Audio Digest’s Clinical Compendia starts at $1199 and comes with a free $500, $750, $1,000 Amazon, Apple, or Best Buy gift card. Your gift card amount is determined by which Compendia Bundle you select. To get a $1,000 gift card, there are two options:

  • Clinical Compendium + Board Review + Silver Membership - $1999
  • Clinical Compendium + Platinum Membership - $2,199

The first option comes with board review in your selected specialty, which will help you maintain your board certification and refresh your knowledge of the key fundamentals in your specialty. It also comes with an Audio Digest Silver Membership which keeps physicians up to date in a specific specialty via specialty-specific, evidence-based lectures from top institutions and universities.

The second option comes with an Audio Digest Platinum membership, which is designed for physicians whose specialties, interests, and practice require multiple disciplines within traditional medical specialties. This membership comes with full access to over 5,000 audio lectures in over 16 different specialties including Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and more.

Clinical Compendia has been described as “very informative and helpful” and “one of the best lectures I have ever heard” by Audio-Digest users. In addition to the benefits of the board reviews and the perks of the silver or platinum membership, the Clinical Compendia gift card bundles will give users access to the most acclaimed audio lectures from Audio Digest, both within and outside a given medical specialty. Each lecture offers the opportunity to earn CME credits and each lecture is accompanied by educational objectives, a detailed written summary, and CME test questions. The lectures are also made easily accessible with Audio Digest’s mobile app.

Audio Digest Topical Collections with $300 Gift Card

Another popular gift card option Audio Digest offers is Topical Collections. Topical Collections is a new gift card offer from Audio Digest that offers users a $300 Amazon, Apple, or Best Buy gift card with purchase.

This activity takes an interdisciplinary team-based approach to key topics by offering medical professionals lectures from a wide range of specialists with different perspectives and backgrounds. It is a great way to hear and learn about different opinions and insights regarding pertinent medical topics. Currently, there are five different topics covered:

  • Mental Health Conditions
  • Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Pain Management
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Patient Safety

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