NursingCE Suicide and Suicide Prevention Course

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After completing this online CE course, nurses will better be able to:

  • Describe the statistical prevalence of suicide and suicide attempts
  • Outline definitions relevant to suicides such as mean and method
  • Discuss individuals at-risk for suicides by describing warning signs
  • Outline the factors that attribute to suicide risks such as risk factors, protective factors, environmental factors, health factors, and historical factors
  • Discuss special considerations of suicide for Veterans
  • Identify the symptoms and treatment options for Veteran’s mental health disorders
  • Identify common symptoms of depression
  • Describe the processes of assessments for suicide risks, suicidal thoughts, and suicidal intent
  • Discuss preparatory behaviors in individuals at-risk for suicide
  • Discuss the risk factors for individuals with previous suicide attempts
  • Identify indications for urgent and immediate action when suicide crisis presents
  • Describe common treatment for depression and brain stimulation theory
  • Discuss the role of nursing in suicide assessment and prevention measures

Target Audience: Registered Nurses

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