NursingCE Iowa Mandatory Reporter: Child and Adult Dependent Abuse Course

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After completing this online CE course, nurses will better be able to:

  • Identify the Iowa Mandatory Training Expectations
  • Describe the definitions of child abuse and dependent adult abuse according to Iowa Code and categories.
  • Describe the categories of abuse (child and dependent adult)
  • Describe the physical, emotional, and environmental indicators of abuse.
  • Explain the reporting requirements and process, including documentation.
  • Identify mandatory reporter in Iowa
  • Describe reporting confidentiality, immunity and penalties for failure to review.
  • Identify risk factors related to child and dependent adult abuse.
  • Identify the state agency that investigates allegations of child maltreatment.
  • Describe barriers that contribute to underrecognition and underreporting of suspected cases of child
  • Describe the role of the sexual assault nurse examiner.
  • Define the terms, medical neglect, educational neglect, emotional neglect, economic abuse, and
  • Explain how parent substance use disorder affects the child.
  • Identify risk factors for child maltreatment.
  • Identify protective factors that reduce the risk of child abuse
  • Describe the actions the nurse should take when assessing a child when abuse is suspected
  • Explain how to document the care of a child who has a physical injury and physical abuse is suspected.
  • Identify the components of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention levels of intervention.
  • Discuss actions for the nurse to take when experiencing moral distress.
  • Locate the Iowa Resources to report suspect abuse.

Target Audience: Registered Nurses

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