MedRisk CME Courses

  • MedRisk – Medical Risk Management CME

    Medical Risk Management CME (MedRisk) provides online CME focusing on risk management, patient safety and medical error prevention. MedRisk offers over 50 courses for physicians, dentists and nurses.

    Representative topics include preventing medical errors; avoiding “never” events; avoiding medical systems failures; low health literacy; cultural competency; medical ethics; electronic medicine; documentation; failure to diagnose; failure to diagnose cancer; managing disruptive physician behavior; working with difficult patients; Informed consent; and root cause analysis.

    Specialty-specific courses are available in these areas:
    Anesthesiology; Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Emergency Medicine; Hospital Medicine; Neurology; Obstetrics/Gynecology; Ophthalmology; Oral Surgery; Orthopedics; Pathology; Pain Management; Pediatrics; Psychiatry; Radiology; and Surgery.

    Courses meet most states’ requirements for licensure as well as many malpractice insurers’ requirements for premium discounts.

    Target Audience:
    Risk Management (all providers who need CME in risk management, patient safety and medical error prevention).

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    • Cost: $15 per credit
    • Credit hours: 1-10 per program
    • CME credits awarded by: Medical Risk Management
    • Format: On-Demand Online
    • Material last updated: Continuously Updated
  • Risk Management Pathology CME Rounds – MedRisk

    Risk Management Pathology CME Rounds is designed for pathologists who want a solid overview of risk management techniques and patient safety issues unique to the practice of pathology. 
    Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
    • Identify the major medical misadventures and associated issues that most commonly underlie medical malpractice suits against pathologists.
    • Discuss how better communication with the referring doctor can reduce medical errors, improve patient care, and reduce lawsuits.
    • Understand how the courts define a physician’s duty in a variety of situations common to the practice of pathology.
    • Discuss how to avoid communication errors with referring doctors.
    • Understand how medical record documentation and maintenance affects patient care and medical liability.
    • Discuss the legal duties and risks of testifying as an expert witness.

    Target Audience: Pathologists

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    • Cost: $75
    • Credit hours: 5
    • CME credits awarded by: Medical Risk Management, Inc.
    • Format: On-Demand Online, Text
    • Material last updated: Continuously Updated